‘The Voice’ Viewers ‘Annoyed’ With Coach

The Voice Ariana and Blake

NBC Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton

Some viewers of NBC’s “The Voice” are annoyed with one of the coaches because they believe fans of the artist are voting their contestants through even though they do not believe the contestants are as talented as others in the top 10.

Coaches Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson each have multiple contestants remaining going into the top 10 results show, which airs on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. When it comes to Grande, however, some fans think that her remaining artists are weaker than the others.

Grande’s remaining artists are Holly Forbes, who she stole from another coach ahead of live shows, and father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen. Some fans think that Jim and Sasha Allen should not still be in the competition with vocalists who are as talented as the other contestants.

‘The Voice’ Fans Are ‘Annoyed’ by Grande’s Fans

Some fans of the show are annoyed by Grande’s fanbase, as one Reddit thread details.

“Is anyone else annoyed by Ariana fans?” the post’s title reads. The poster then outlined the reasons they have been annoyed even though they were previously excited to see Grande as a coach on the show.

“What annoys me is that this is a singing competition, not the ‘Ariana Show,'” they wrote in the post. “I know a lot of her fanbase is young, but I kinda expected a little more professionalism from her supporters. I know a lot of them watch for Aria only, but for people who watch the show for actual contestants, it can get quite upsetting when everything is just about her.”

“This show was a thing before she was on and it will be a thing after she was on,” the poster wrote. They also wrote that the show offers money and a recording contract and questioned why people they consider to be weaker performers advanced in the competition over singers they felt were better.

“Should’ve never let Ariana … on a voting based competition that has the potential to change the trajectory of people’s lives. Like… Actual livelihoods,” one commenter on the post wrote.

Viewers Want the Show to Be About Talent

People on the Reddit thread responded in agreement.

“The annoying ones are the ones who are voting for her team just because they are her team, but I think it’s presumptuous to believe all of the fans watching just because Ariana is on the show also only vote for her team,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “I agree, I loved the experience till knockouts. Even a first few lives. Last week when Gymani lost to J&S, that was a real bummer. Idk. It’s not that J&S are bad, but Gymani deserved to proceed ahead.”

The new rules of the competition mean that not all of the coaches has to have an artist make it through to the finale, which means that Grande could presumably get there without any of her artists left in the competition.

“I think the Ariana fans kinda gives this kind of pressure that the voice should make at least one of her team reach the finale, but yeah it’s kind of annoying,” another person wrote.

There are only a few weeks left in “The Voice” season 21. The Tuesday, November 30, episode will narrow the playing field down to eight contestants. They’ll perform the following week, and then the top four or five artists will make it through to the show’s finale.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time (live) and Pacific time (recorded) on NBC.

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Mogens Bach
Mogens Bach
1 year ago

Yes… the contest should be about the artist, but the are, in reality, 2 contest. The Artist and The Coach! Let’s take Blake as the the 500 Episodes jubilee. He been in the ‘game’ for more than 10 years and know what to do to get the votes for ‘Team Blake’. It’s not always his job to get the best artist to the finale, but as he said in the show “He’s not there to play nice, His Job he is hired to do is to win The Voice!. Earlier this season he had to pick between to artists. On the paper he send the best one home, but the artist he choose, was the only artist back in a certain genre of music, and, as he said ‘She’s alone on a highway to the finale’ (Or something like that)!

The more followers a Coach got on social medias, the more possible voters the coaches get get hold of!
Fx. twitter alone : Ariana 85 Million, Kelly 12.1 Million, John 13,8 Million and Blake 19.8 Million. This is one of the reasons teh the three ‘old’ coaches was afraid of Ariana as a new coach. As John said : ‘Her fans now how to use a phone and vote’!

Nona Doss
Nona Doss
1 year ago

I think that Ariana is one bad decision for the show. She came in thinking that since she is who she is that the show should be all about her. I am not a fan of her’s as a coach.

Jayme Waggoner
Jayme Waggoner
1 year ago

I have a different take on it. Yes, Ariana is young and this is a new experience for her. She’s managed, however, unintentionally, I believe to “throw” Holly under the bus with her passionate plea to her fans to save the Jim and Sasha no talent duo who have their own set of fans aside from Ariana due to his Trans shout out. I’m still flabbergasted that Jeremy went home and the 14yr old stayed. She is very pitchy. Not happy with this season. I do like Paris!

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