Ariana Grande Improvised ‘Hilarious’ Moment from ‘Don’t Look Up’ Film

Ariana Grande

YouTube Ariana Grande in the Netflix film "Don't Look Up."

There was no one better suited for the role of pop star Riley Bina in the Netflix film “Don’t Look Up” than Ariana Grande.

The character comes off like a caricature of Grande herself. “It made sense to have the biggest pop star in the world play the biggest pop star in the world,” writer and director Adam McKay said in a behind-the-scenes look at the movie from Netflix Film Club. Grande is known for her incredible vocal range, her uncanny celebrity impressions, and her signature style, but in “Don’t Look Up” she also displays her comedic talents.

In the Netflix Film Club special, McKay discussed why he likes to have actors improvise on set. “Letting the actors know they can improvise just frees them up,” McKay said. He revealed that Grande did some improvisation for the film, most notably in the song she performs with Kid Cudi, “Just Look Up.”

“Ariana Grande most certainly did improvise,” McKay said. “In fact, her best improv was when she sang the song (“Just Look Up”) for the first time. She’s the one who added all that stuff about ‘We’re all going to die’ and ‘Turn off that s***box news.’ That was her riffing on the first scratch track of the melody line. And the second I heard it, I was like, ‘That’s going in the movie.'”

Grande and Kid Cudi, who play a famous couple in the film, performed the song live during the season 21 finale of “The Voice.” McKay said of Grande’s improvised lyrics, “that might be one of my favorite moments in the movie where you have pretty much the biggest popstar in the world singing beautifully, ‘We’re all going to die.’ Every time I see it, it just has this hilarious cognitive dissonance with it.”

Watch Grande and Kid Cudi’s live performance of “Just Look Up” at “The Voice” finale below:

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‘The Voice’ Coaches Have Commented on Grande’s Sense of Humor

Grande’s fellow coaches on “The Voice” have known for a while that the “Thank U Next” singer has a good sense of humor. In an appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Kelly Clarkson told Jimmy Fallon that Grande was “hilarious” on the set of “The Voice.”  “She’s so funny,” Clarkson said of Grande. “Like, very witty.”

Blake Shelton told PEOPLE that although Grande is “the sweetest kid that you’ll ever meet,” she also isn’t afraid to play up their rivalry for the show. “She will look at you with a smile and be sticking the knife straight in your back,” Shelton told the outlet. “She’s done it to me a hundred times already. And it’s like, ‘Okay. Now I see how it is.’ And then she wins you back over, and you’re not mad at her anymore.”

In an interview with E! News, 45-year-old Shelton revealed that 28-year-old Grande had come to a Gwen Stefani show and shouted “look, everybody, my grandpa!” when he was performing with Stefani. Grande filmed it and showed the videos to Shelton after the show. He joked that it was “brutal” for him to deal with Grande’s teasing.

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