Viewers Blast ‘The Voice’ Coach

The Voice Coaches

NBC "The Voice" coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande and John Legend.

Some viewers of NBC’sThe Voice” think that one coach has been making a lot of mistakes during season 21.

Coaches Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson spent the first part of the season building their team during Blind Auditions and then narrowing it down to the best artists during the Battle Rounds and the Knockout Rounds.

While the pool of talent for each team has been huge this season, some people think that the weakest team belongs to Grande, and some fans go as far as to say she might not be suited to be a coach on the show.

Some Fans Think Grande’s Performance Has Been Lacking

One viewer took to Reddit to talk about Grande’s performance as a coach and the fact that they think her performers have actually not improved at all from their Blind Auditions.

“Bella’s voice, Ryleigh’s voice, and Katie Rae’s voice all grew weaker as the competition progressed,” the post reads. “Bella and Ryleigh sound like they have never strained their voices so hard in their lives. Katie Rae obviously left Ariana’s team, but before that Ariana mentioned that she needed to be taking care of her voice.”

All the artists mentioned there have been eliminated from the show as of November 16, 2021.

The post continues, “Jim and Sasha [Allen] weren’t great to begin with and I have seen zero improvement… I think Holly is amazing but I feel like Ariana was disappointed this week and last week when Holy went through and not someone she has had on her team since the beginning.”

Viewers Think Grande Is Too Kind & Does Not Give Constructive Criticism

Many comments on the post mentioned that Grande always praises all of her artists on her team after their performances instead of giving them anything they should be working on in between performances.

“She just tells everyone they’re phenomenal until they start believing it and picking songs their range isn’t capable of,” one person commented. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many members from her team declined vocally all at once, it’s a bit ironic that she was the coach emphasizing vocal health.”

Another wrote, “I think that she’s trying really hard to be a friend to her team instead of a coach but they need that criticism too in order to not pick outlandish songs they can’t sing. It seems like all Ariana does is hype up her artists.”

Most people on the thread said that they do like seeing Grande as a coach and that her presence is welcome on the show, but they wish she would give more helpful advice for each of the artists.

Some also said they thought she was being much too reserved on the show while other coaches have said that she’s funny behind-the-scenes but less so on camera.

Grande’s performance as a coach and the choices she has made so far on season 21 may have had an impact on her ability to make it through to the finale with any artists at all. Because of the way that rules have changed for this season, the number of contestants on each team is uneven.

Now, instead of the highest vote-earner on each team moving forward, the contestants with the highest number of votes overall move on regardless of teams. Grande currently has two artists on her team while Clarkson has four, Shelton has three, and Legend has two.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern (live) and Pacific (recorded) on NBC.

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Pattie Connell
Pattie Connell
8 months ago

I used to love this show but this season is very boring. I do not care for the trio thing or even the duo thing. I continued to watch because I loved Peedy Chavis then they dumped him. All the females sound the same it is really boring.

Emmy Bonja
Emmy Bonja
8 months ago

I have always voted for singers not coaches. Some years work for some coaches; some for others. Ariana is new and I am confident she is a fast learner. Next year will see the results of her learning this year. I love A Girl Named Tom also, along with Peedy, Kinsey, and Wendy. Samuel and Jeremy would be in the mix for me. Some of the contestants are similar, and some of the unique ones are gone. An interesting year.

Scott Cathcart
Scott Cathcart
8 months ago

Have to agree with the comment above, seems like the team of Ariana gets worse each week, the father/daughter duo was terrible from the get go, don’t know how they made it this far (well yes I do, but that is a completely different story) the chick with the burr haircut had moments where she didn’t sound too bad but went off key on several occasions. The other girl, Holly I think her name is, was the same way, has talent but needs practice, went off key during a few of the songs she sang. In my opinion, I think A Girl named Tom is the best this season. They are spot on and the harmonies are very good

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