Kelly Clarkson Shares Behind-the-Scenes Details About ‘The Voice’ Coaches

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With the season premiere of NBC’s The Voice set to air on Monday, March 1, coach and talk-show host Kelly Clarkson shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes details about the other coaches in a “Most Likely To…” segment of The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

In a game of “Most Likely To…” where she restricted herself to answering the question with John Legend, Nick Jonas or Blake Shelton, Clarkson ended up sharing quite a few details about what it’s like to film alongside the three stars.

Clarkson laughed after reading a lot of the questions, and she answered that Shelton was “Most Likely To…” the most.

Clarkson Shared Behind-the-Scenes Details of ‘The Voice’

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The first question Clarkson answered had to do with which The Voice coach would be out the latest partying, but she couldn’t answer just one way after hearing the question. To answer, she said she thought they’d all be out late, but John Legend would be out at a club, Nick Jonas would be in a cigar bar, and Blake Shelton would be spending time at a bonfire because there’s “no need for walls!”

When it came to who would be most likely to pull a prank, Clarkson said that Shelton would do that more than anyone else.

“He already does that,” she shared. “He does this thing where I think it looks like pee in Carson’s cup or bathroom.”

She said that Shelton would leave a glass of apple juice in Carson Daly’s bathroom on set so that he would think it was pee.

Clarkson Says She Loves all ‘The Voice’ Coaches

Clarkson shared that the most likely coach to break the law was Blake Shelton, the most likely to cry at a contestant’s life story was John Legend, and Shelton was also the most likely to get annoyed easily.

“Which coach is most likely to hold a grudge?” was the next question, and Clarkson answered honestly. “I feel like John is very carefree, and I don’t think Nick has ever held a grudge in his whole life. I don’t know, he seems, like, so, Zen. So I’m gonna have to pick Blake.”

She followed that up by saying that John was most likely to give the best advice because he’s “incredibly smart” and she would take his advice.

Clarkson also shared that it sometimes just feels good to “throw out an F-bomb” after asked which coach would be swearing the most often. For coach most likely to break out in song, she said that’s easily John Legend.

As for which coach takes the longest to go to the bathroom or to get ready, she said it’s Blake Shelton.

“The amount of times old man bladder Elmer Fudd on the end goes to take a leak during any taping, it’s incredible, I am like, what’s happening with your bladder? It’s like, he pees a lot!” Clarkson shared, adding that it takes her a long time because of the Spanx and layers she wears for filming.

The Voice premieres on Monday, March 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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