‘The Voice’ 2022 Live Recap: Knockouts Part 1 Winners & Who Went Home?

The Knockouts begin tonight

The Voice / YouTube The Knockouts begin tonight

Happy Halloween! This year, audiences are being treated with “The Voice” season 22 Knockout Rounds, which begin tonight, October 31. 36 acts have survived to this point in the competition, but with this season’s Three Way Knockouts twist, and each coach only having one Steal to use, only 16 acts will move on to the Live Playoffs.

Read below to see who Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend send ahead to the next round, and who they eliminate from the competition.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers for “The Voice” season 22 episode, “The Knockouts Part 1” (October 31, 2022). Do not read ahead if you do not want this episode spoiled.

‘The Voice’ Season 22 Knockout Rounds Episode 1 Live Recap

The episode opened with the coaches meeting backstage before the show, with Blake Shelton and John Legend accidentally sporting identical cowboy Halloween costumes. The coaches then explained how difficult the Three-way Knockout twist and lack of Saves make their forthcoming decisions.

Team Blake: Bodie vs. Kevin Hawkins vs. The Dryes

Bodie, Kevin Hawkins and The Dryes Compete for a Spot on Team Blake | NBC's The Voice Knockouts 2022Bodie sings Post Malone's "Better Now," Kevin Hawkins sings Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" and The Dryes sing Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris' "Chasing After You" during the Knockouts. Watch The Voice on Mondays & Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC and streaming on Peacock. » Get The Voice Official App: bit.ly/TheVoiceOfficialApp » Subscribe for More: bit.ly/TheVoiceSub…2022-10-28T16:59:55Z

The first Knockout of the night is between Team Blake’s Bodie, Kevin Hawkins, and The Dryes. The performances (Post Malone’s “Better Now,” Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”, and Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris’ “Chasing After You”, respectively) were teased as a sneak peek posted to YouTube earlier in the week. In rehearsals, Blake warned all three acts that even though the viewing public doesn’t have a vote yet, this is the time in the competition when audiences start deciding who they want to vote for in the live shows.

While all the vocal performances were memorable, The Dryes made sure to seal theirs with a kiss. Blake’s fellow coaches had nothing but praise for the three acts, and Camila mentioned that she would probably choose Bodie if it were up to her.

Blake’s final decision was to send Bodie to the Live Playoffs. The Dryes were eliminated, however Kevin Hawkins did not go home. Coaches Gwen and Camila both used their Steal, and Kevin chose to switch to Team Gwen.

Team Camila: Chello vs. Orlando Mendez vs. Morgan Myles

Morgan Myles' Emotional Performance of "What the World Needs Now Is Love" | The Voice Knockouts 2022Morgan Myles performs Jackie DeShannon's "What the World Needs Now Is Love" during The Voice Knockouts. » Get The Voice Official App: bit.ly/TheVoiceOfficialApp » Subscribe for More: bit.ly/TheVoiceSub » NBC’s The Voice Stream on Peacock » Stream Now: pck.tv/3wgH6sH THE VOICE ON SOCIAL: Like The Voice: Facebook.com/NBCTheVoice Follow The Voice: Twitter.com/NBCTheVoice Follow The Voice on…2022-11-01T00:47:02Z

Team Camila’s first battle saw Chello singing “Hold On” by Justin Bieber, Orlando Mendez singing “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw, and Morgan Myles singing “What the World Needs Now Is Love” by Jackie DeShannon. In rehearsals, Camila told the singers to visually project as much confidence as they are able.

Camila was proud of all three performers. Gwen said Orlando “stole this Knockout for me”, though Blake said he went “a little Nicolas Cage” by screaming near the end, which John agreed with, and said he would go with Morgan. In the end, Morgan Myles won the Knockout. Orlando Mendez and Chello were eliminated.

Team Legend: Parijita Bastola vs. Valerie Harding vs. Peyton Aldridge

Parijita Bastola's Voice Shines on Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind" | The Voice Knockouts 2022Parijita Bastola performs Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind" during The Voice Knockouts. » Get The Voice Official App: bit.ly/TheVoiceOfficialApp » Subscribe for More: bit.ly/TheVoiceSub » NBC’s The Voice Stream on Peacock » Stream Now: pck.tv/3wgH6sH THE VOICE ON SOCIAL: Like The Voice: Facebook.com/NBCTheVoice Follow The Voice: Twitter.com/NBCTheVoice Follow The Voice on Instagram: instagram.com/nbcthevoice/ NBC’s…2022-11-01T01:25:57Z

Representing Team Legend, Parijita Bastola chose “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James, while Valerie Harding chose “Weak” by SWV, and Peyton Aldridge chose “Forever After All” by Luke Combs. John told the contestants to make sure they are able to finish strong, and not to lose their energy too early in the performance. The coach thinks this will be his closest Knockout pairing.

Blake said he couldn’t get over Parijita being so talented for only being 17 years old, and Camila and Gwen agreed, but Valerie also received mostly positive critiques. John Legend declared Parijita Bastola the winner of this Knockout. Peyton Aldridge and Valerie Harding were eliminated.

Team Gwen: Destiny Leigh vs. Kique vs. Rowan Grace

VideoVideo related to ‘the voice’ 2022 live recap: knockouts part 1 winners & who went home?2022-10-31T19:49:02-04:00

Team Gwen’s first Knockout between Destiny Leigh singing “Impossible” by Christina Aguilera, Kique singing “Hey Ya!” by Outkast, and Rowan Grace singing “Vienna” by Billy Joel. The three young singers intimidated one another greatly in rehearsals with their three unique takes on their songs, and Gwen helped each singer bring out the best parts of their performance.

Kique’s “Hey Ya!” arrangement had all four coaches on their feet dancing. “Wasn’t that crazy?!” Gwen said. Destiny Leigh and Rowan Grace followed up with strong vocal performances, but all three of Gwen’s fellow coaches agreed that Kique’s was a standout from the entire season. Gwen chose Kique as the winner of this Knockout. Destiny Leigh was eliminated, but Rowan Grace did not go home. Blake Shelton used his Steal on the 16-year-old, and Rowan Grace is now on Team Blake.

What Do the Teams Look Like Going Into Tonight?

Going into tonight, all coaches are even with 9 members remaining. At the end of the Knockouts, each team will only have 4 acts remaining (3 knockout winners, and 1 stolen from another coach).

See the team rosters from before tonight’s episode below:

Team Camila:

  • Steven McMorran (saved in Battle Round)
  • Orlando Mendez
  • Jaeden Luke (stolen from Team Blake in Battle Round)
  • Reina Ley
  • Eric Who
  • Devix
  • Chello
  • Andrew Igbokidi
  • Morgan Myles

Team Blake:

  • Austin Montgomery
  • Jay Allen (stolen from Team Gwen in Battle Round)
  • Bodie
  • Brayden Lape
  • Eva Ullman
  • Kevin Hawkins
  • Kate Kalvach
  • Bryce Leatherwood
  • The Dryes (saved in Battle Round)

Team Gwen:

  • Rowan Grace
  • Cara Brindisi
  • Justin Aaron
  • Destiny Leigh (saved in Battle Round)
  • Daysia
  • Kique
  • Sasha Hurtado (stolen from Team Camila in Battle Round)
  • Alyssa Witrado
  • Kayla Von Der Heide

Team Legend:

  • Valerie Harding
  • Emma Brooke
  • Morgan Taylor
  • Parijita Bastola
  • The Marilynds (saved in Battle Round)
  • Kim Cruse
  • Ian Harrison (stolen from Team Gwen in Battle Round)
  • Omar Jose Cardona
  • Peyton Aldridge
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