WATCH: 15-Year-Old Wows Blake Shelton With Comeback Performance

Blake Shelton

NBC Blake Shelton's prediction about a contestant on "The Voice" came true tonight.

Hailey Green auditioned for “The Voice” in 2020 when she was just 14 years old. None of the coaches turned around for her, but Blake Shelton told her she was about a year away from being ready for the show.

Hailey took Shelton’s words to heart. Her mother personally thanked Shelton for making the year since he gave her daughter that advice “intense.” But Shelton was right because, during night two of the season 21 blind auditions, he turned around for Hailey.

None of the other judges turned around, but Shelton did a victory lap to his win cam when he realized he had Hailey on his team by default. Watch Hailey’s beautiful rendition of “Home” below.

Hailey Says She’s Changed a Lot Since Her Last Audition

Hailey hasn’t just grown as a vocalist since she last took “The Voice” stage; she’s changed as an individual too. The high school linebacker says she’s pierced her nose and gotten a tattoo since last year.

She joked that while the coaches might recognize her voice, they’d turn around to see a new person standing up there on the stage.

An ‘American Idol’ Winner Was Told ‘No’ by ‘The Voice’ Coaches

Not getting any of the coaches to turn around might seem like the nail in the coffin of someone’s music career, but that isn’t the case. When Maddie Poppe, the season 16 winner of “American Idol,” tried out for “The Voice,” that’s exactly what happened to her.

“I was totally rejected on national TV and it was really embarrassing,” Poppe told Deseret News. “It was so discouraging, and I thought, ‘Man, if these people don’t like me, then no one will.”

Poppe even shared that a palm reader told her she would never be on another TV show again. Luckily, she took a chance on “American Idol” anyway, and it paid off.

Have Any of the Judges Not Used Their Blocks Yet?

It was only night two of blind auditions by the time Shelton, Legend, and Clarkson used their blocks. Shelton used his block night one to keep Legend from getting Wendy Moten on his team. Wendy got all four coaches to turn around with her performance of “We Can Work it Out.”

Legend used his block night two to keep Grande from getting Joshua Vacanti on her team. Vacanti displayed impressive range with “Into the Unknown” from “Frozen 2.” Legend knew Vacanti would likely pick Grande as a coach because of her musical theater background. Even Grande admitted it was a good use of the block.

Clarkson used her block night one against Shelton for country singer Kinsey Rose.

Grande has yet to use her block.

Grande’s Reaction to a Contestant Singing Her Song

Grande told a contestant who sang one of her songs, “pov,” that the song was hers now. She also called the Georgia native named Gymani “a messenger of emotions.” Grande joked that whenever she sings “pov” for the rest of her career, she’ll say she’s covering Gymani’s song.

Gymani got all four coaches to turn around for her. “Your voice is why this show exists,” Clarkson said. Gymani surprised all the coaches by singing a Grande song and then choosing to join Team Kelly.

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