How Blake Shelton & Ariana Grande Bonded on the Set of ‘The Voice’

The Voice Coaches

NBC Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton on the set of 'The Voice.'

Blake Shelton has been a coach on NBC’sThe Voice” since the premiere, all adding up to nearly 500 episodes of the show. Now, he’s joined by pop music superstar Ariana Grande as the newest coach on the show.

“The Voice” returns on September 20, 2021, and it’s sure to be a large premiere night as Grande’s fans tune into the show.

Ahead of the premiere, the other coaches took some time to let Grande know their biggest pieces of advice in order to get the best team possible in a video posted to YouTube.

“Hey what’s up Ariana, welcome to the show!” Clarkson starts. “I’m so stoked that you’re gonna be sitting in a chair with us this season. Just, you know, two quick things. One, never trust Blake. Even when he seems sweet… it’s a trick, so don’t trust it. Two, bring tissues.”

“If I had one piece of advice I could just share in return, I would just say ‘watch out,’” Grande says later in the video, throwing up a peace sign.

The Two Bond Over Making Fun of the Other Coaches

In a new interview with host Carson Daly on The Today Show, Grande admits she met Shelton before their time on “The Voice” but she is “still recovering” from it.

“You guys sit next to each other when we’re doing the show, and every now and then I’ll see the two of you sort of cheers’ing each other,” Daly tells the two coaches.

Kelly Clarkson informed Daly that those interactions take place when they’re teasing her.

“Our bond has been that we both make fun of Kelly,” Shelton shared in the interview.

The Live Audience Loves Grande

VideoVideo related to how blake shelton & ariana grande bonded on the set of ‘the voice’2021-09-16T10:52:56-04:00

In all the promotional content leading up to the premiere of “The Voice” season 21, it’s a running gag that the audience is there more for Grande than they are for any of the other coaches.

One such video, which was posted on YouTube, starts with Grande introducing herself as the new coach of “The Voice” and the crowd applauding for her.

“Is everyone here just obsessed with Ariana?” Shelton asks the crowd at one point in the promo, which seems to somehow lead to him realizing that an artist will not choose him over Grande.

He tells the camera, “Ariana is the new coach here, and I’m extending an olive branch. When I’m not in the mix, I’m gonna help the kid out.” He’s also heard saying, “Hey, that’s Ariana Grande look how awesome she is!” to one hopeful contestant.

“Wait, what’s happening? Why’s he being nice?” Grande asks the other coaches, who tell her not to trust him.

There is also some amazing singing and a four-chair turned audition shown in the first look video.

“I think you are incredible, I only want to help you execute your goals as an artist,” Grande tells one of the contestants.

Season 21 of “The Voice” premieres on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. The show will air on both Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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