WATCH: Blake Shelton Didn’t Turn Around for Contestant from His Hometown

Chavon Rodgers the voice

NBC Chavon Rodgers is from Blake Shelton's hometown, but he didn't get him to turn around.

On night two of blind auditions for season 21 of “The Voice,” an auditioner from Blake Shelton’s hometown of Ada, Oklahoma took the stage.

But Shelton didn’t turn in his chair for Chavon Rodgers’ rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License.” Luckily for Chavon though, his vocal chops were enough to get Ariana Grande and John Legend to turn around.

After his performance, Chavon told Shelton about their shared hometown. He even pulled out a brick with “Ada” inscribed on it. In his pre-taped interview, Chavon said that Shelton was the biggest thing to ever come out of Ada.

Whose Team Did Chavon Join?

Grande admitted that she hesitated to turn around for Chavon because she could hear some nerves in his voice. But then she concluded that she’d be excited to work with him on building up his comfort level singing in front of a big audience.

In her post-show interview, Grande also stated that it was impressive that Chavon could take such a popular song and make it his own.

Chavon said “thank you so much, John, you’re incredible,” before becoming the newest member of Team Ariana.

Chavon’s Audition Spawned Some Good Banter

Kelly Clarkson can’t resist an opportunity to poke fun at her fellow coach, Shelton. She asked Chavon if he was indeed from Shelton’s hometown before remarking, “so you know pop music?” Clarkson was feigning surprise that someone from Shelton’s hometown could be anything but a country singer.

After Grande and Legend were done making their pitches to Chavon, Grande remarked that she and Legend had been very civilized about the whole thing. “I read it as not as much passion,” Shelton responded.

Finally, Clarkson asked Shelton if he wanted her to hold onto the Ada brick that Chavon had given to him. She said she’d hold it until she released it in Shelton’s face.

Legend Used His Block on Grande

Despite being “civilized” during their fight over Chavon, it seems that Legend might’ve held a small grudge against Grande for getting him on her team.

When the next contestant, Joshua Vacanti, displayed impressive vocal talent with “Into the Unknown” from Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’, Legend used his block on Grande. Joshua then became a member of Team Legend.

Grande said that she had no idea getting blocked was going to feel like “such a personal attack.”

Grande Already Follows Chavon on Instagram

A look at who Grande is following on Instagram shows that she’s already following Chavon. “I’m obsessed with my team. I talk to them all the time,” Grande told Us Weekly in a recent interview.

Technically, Grande isn’t supposed to be communicating with her team outside of tapings. “I’ve broken every rule in my contract,” Grande admitted. “I talk to them (her team members) all, all the time. I’m like, DMing them. They’re like, ‘You’re not supposed to do that.’ And I’m like, ‘Sorry.'”

Grande is also following Wendy Moten, a member of Team Blake. Shelton blocked Legend when he heard Wendy’s voice.

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