Blake Shelton Brings Former ‘Voice’ Contestant to Tears: “Still Kinda Speechless”

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As many fans know, “The Voice” coach, Blake Shelton, owns the restaurant, bar and live music venue, Ole Red, in Nashville, Tennessee. Sometimes Shelton has contestants he mentored on “The Voice” play there. On Tuesday, August 30, season 16 contestant, Dalton Dover, was busy wowing the crowd when the venue’s red phone rang and Blake Shelton’s face appeared on the screen.

WATCH Shelton Bring Dover to Tears

Both the Ole Red Instagram account and Dover’s Instagram account posted videos of the event. However, both accounts only show part of what happened. An article in Music Mayhem published on August 31 fills in all the gaps. The outlet explains, “While closing out his month-long residency at Shelton’s Ole Red bar in Downtown Nashville, Dover was shocked when the infamous red phone rang in the midst of his energy-filled, full band set.”

Shelton said, “Dalton Dover, what’re you doing buddy? I’ve just been sitting here with my secret ways of watching you perform man, sounds incredible as always.”

Dover responded, “Man, I’ve been great dude, just out here making fans at Old Red this last month, it’s been wild.”

According to Music Mayhem, the two country singers reminisced for a bit about their experiences on “The Voice” together, before Shelton told Dover, “I didn’t want to interrupt your set, but I just wanted to call in and say hi to you and tell you congratulations on everything. Oh yeah, also, I was wantin’ to know what you’re doing on December the 3rd. Do you have plans?”

As can be seen on the video, a befuddled Dover simply replied, “Um…no.”  Shelton then shocked everyone when he announced, “Okay, well that’d be cool because we’d like to have you come perform at the Grand Ole Opry.”

The crowd burst into applause as Dover burst into tears. It took a few seconds for Dover to compose himself, which led a laughing Shelton to quip, “I mean if you’re busy, it’s okay. If you’ve got other stuff, I know it’s the holidays…”

Dover gathered himself together well enough to say, “I’ll be there, I promise.”

According to Music Mayhem, Shelton then told Dover, “Well congratulations dude, I’ll never forget the first time I performed at the Grand Ole Opry. It literally… It sits up high on a shelf in my mind as probably the ultimate award that I’ve ever received and congratulations to you dude. That’s a milestone man.”

Shelton then addressed the crowd, which had been watching in awe throughout this unforgettable experience. “You guys all heard it, get your tickets now, it’s going to be Dalton’s debut at the Grand Ole Opry.”

After Shelton hung up, Dover was still overwhelmed, but he was able to pick up where he left off and keep entertaining the crowd with his sultry voice.

The Congratulatory Comments Poured In

Ole Red captioned its Instagram post of the event that night with “@daltondover_music got a Red Phone call of a lifetime tonight when @blakeshelton called in to not only catch up, but to invite him to make his Grand Ole @opry Debut on December 3rd! Congrats on an incredible “Ole Red-sidency” and congrats on your upcoming debut! 👏”

Dover waited a bit before posting his video, captioning it with “Had to take a few hours before I posted something about last night.. still kinda speechless honestly, just so thankful & greatful for every opportunity I’ve been blessed with.. the love is absolutely overwhelming.. words do no justice for how I feel right now..”

Fans on both Instagram accounts were thrilled. One fan posted, “When your boss man calls in unexpectedly just to check in & say ” hi” & invites you to the Grande Ole opry, there’s the coolest, bestest guy, right there! Congratulations to you all!”  Someone else wrote, “Bro!! You deserve this man 🔥 so damn proud of you.”

Season 22 of “The Voice” is scheduled to premiere September 19 at 8pm. ET on NBC.

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