Why Blake Shelton & First Wife Kaynette Williams Got Divorced

Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton is currently in a long-term relationship with The Voice coach and pop star Gwen Stefani. Prior to their relationship, Shelton was married to Kaynette Williams who he met before his career blew up.

The two got engaged in the early 2000s and got married on November 17, 2003 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, according to Country Fancast.

“I asked her to marry me and she said yes and it was early one morning back in December,” he shared with CMT at the time. “And we ended up spending the day with some friends and kind of having a party all day and had a good time. … I got in from hunting that morning, and asked her to marry me, and we went back out hunting.”

The Couple Divorced in 2006

Shelton and Williams were only married for a few years before they ultimately split up, with Williams choosing to move back to Oklahoma and settling in there for a few years.

“After Blake and I split up, I moved from Tennessee back to Oklahoma,” Kaynette told The Enquirer, Country Fancast later reported. “But then Blake and Miranda moved back there to a neighboring town, and it just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us.”

The couple met when Shelton was just 15 years old, and they fell in love quickly in their hometown of Ada, Oklahoma, County Fancast reported.

Shelton and Williams Divorced Due to “Inappropriate Marital Conduct”

According to a Country Fancast article, Williams filed for divorce and claimed that the singer had been “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.” Just a few years later, Williams even attempted to sell her size 6 Demetrios wedding gown on eBay.

The site also reports that Kaynette Williams is now an award-winning elementary school teacher and is married to rodeo champion Cody Joe Scheck who holds the world record for steer roping.

During their relationship, Williams acted as the road manager for Shelton. Soon after he graduated high school, the singer chose to move to Nashville, Tennessee where he got a job at a music publishing company. By 2001, he was recording music, and he soon became a household name among country music fans.

Following his relationship with Williams, Shelton went on to marry country singer Miranda Lambert who he met in 2005, a year before he and Williams divorced.

Lambert and Shelton got married in May 2010, according to CheatSheet.

The couple divorced in 2015, shocking many fans who believed at the time that they were a power couple in the country music industry. Now, Shelton is in a long-term relationship with Gwen Stefani, who he’s been dating since 2015. There is quite a bit of speculation over what caused the relationship between Shelton and Lambert to end, but some people believe that infidelity played a role in the divorce, CheatSheet reported.

Williams, on the other hand, has since relocated to Kansas and married Scheck, who is seven years younger than her. She works as a math facilitator in an elementary school, according to TVShowStars.com.

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