Blake Shelton Reveals Retirement Gifts He’d Love to Receive From ‘The Voice’ Cast

Blake Shelton

NBC Blake Shelton on "The Voice"

Gwen Stefani recently joked that her husband, Blake Shelton, will probably want a “bag of corn” or soil as a retirement gift when he finishes filming “The Voice.” But it turns out the country star wants more — and he’s placing his requests with the cast now.

Blake Shelton Gives Coaches His Retirement Gift Wish List

"The Voice" season 22 coaches

NBC“The Voice” season 22 coaches before the Top 13 live performances

After season 22 of “The Voice” wraps in mid-December 2022, Shelton will still have one more season before his retirement from the show. Season 23, which he’s already begun filming with returning coach Kelly Clarkson and newcomers Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper, will mark his final season, wrapping up in May 2023.

But he’s planning in advance for the big goodbye. During a press conference before the Top 13’s live performances on November 21, 2022, reporters asked what gifts he’d like from his castmates to celebrate. Though they won’t be on the final season with him, Shelton had gift ideas for each of his current colleagues.

He started his requests by asking first-time coach Camila Cabello for an all-terrain vehicle.

“Whoa, very big,” Cabello responded, laughing. “Santa’s budget is a little tight this year, I don’t know.”

John Legend chimed in, “That’s actually a good suggestion!” And then he heard the gift Shelton would like from him: an entire pallet of his LVE wine.

“A mixture of his choice, but not a case — a pallet,” Shelton said. According to BinWise, a beverage inventory management company, a pallet carries an average of 56 cases of wine, which is approximately 672 bottles.

“All right, I’m with that,” Legend replied, smiling.

As for what Shelton would like from his wife, he said, “We split everything anyway, so whatever she buys herself.”

So, Stefani decided to request something she wants, eagerly asking, “Can I redecorate the L.A. house?”

After looking puzzled for a moment, Shelton replied, “This is my retirement!”

Carson Daly’s Not Happy About Blake Shelton’s Retirement

Season 22 cast of The Voice

NBCSeason 22 cast of “The Voice” (L to R): Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Carson Daly, Camila Cabello, John Legend

“The Voice” host Carson Daly wasn’t present for the discussion on retirement gifts, but as the only other original member of the cast, he’s expressed how much he’s going to miss having Shelton on the show.

“I hate it,” Daly told Entertainment Tonight shortly after Shelton’s announcement in October. “He and I obviously developed a great friendship at ‘The Voice.’ I’m bummed, but I get it.”

“When we started the show, we had no idea that it would be this successful,” Daly continued. “We’re on twice a year, it’s a lot of work. We’re lucky to have had him for so long, because most musicians need to tour. He’s got business things, we’ve got another show, ‘Barmageddon,’ that we did together. So there’s a lot going on for him.”

“Barmageddon” premieres on December 5 on USA Network, with Shelton, Daly, and WWE star Nikki Bella overseeing bar games with celebrity guests. If the show does well, he may get to keep filming future seasons with Shelton, but for now, Daly’s thinking about how lonely it’ll be at “The Voice.”

“I don’t know who I’m gonna eat my meals with now,” he joked. “I’m just gonna have to get a cardboard cutout.”

“I’m the last remaining one, I’m going down with The Voice ship,” Daly added, predicting the show will actually outlast him, too. “The show’s format is stronger than any of us. It’ll be around longer than we will.”