Why Blake Shelton Doesn’t Write Songs With Gwen Stefani Anymore

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton


In a recent interview, Gwen Stefani revealed that the reason she doesn’t write music with her fiance, Blake Shelton, is that Blake isn’t a huge fan of writing anymore.

She told People that while Blake is her go-to when it comes to listening to new songs or reviewing an album, “… he just doesn’t like writing that much. It makes me so mad.”

Still, Blake and Gwen have written three songs together. “We wrote a Christmas song together, and then we wrote two other songs,” she told the outlet. That appears to be it for now.

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Gwen Talks About Collaborating

When Gwen spoke to People about sharing her music with people in order to figure out what to include on her albums, she said, “When you’re on your own [but used to] collaborat[ing] and writing with a bunch of different people, you kind of feel like you need someone to do that with.”

She added, “Yesterday, Blake and I sat down and listened to, like, every song — which is a lot of songs — and just put our favorite stars by which ones. We definitely bounce off each other.”

The singer said that she often relies on Blake for his taste, and credited The Voice with helping him develop a strong sense and intuition for different genres. “He knows all genres from being on that show, you know what I’m saying? He has a really good ear for hits, or just songs that are just the ones that we all like,” Stefani said. “So I definitely lean on him a lot.”

Gwen Was Nominated for an ACM Award With Blake

When Gwen Stefani recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, she shared that being nominated for an Academy of Country Music Awards nomination for her and Shelton’s song, “Nobody But You” was an “honor.”

Stefani told Ellen, “Blake Shelton has 27 number one radio hits, I never in my wildest dreams would imagine being part of that… To be on a song that goes number one in a genre that I have no business being part of, twice, and now up for these awards, it’s pretty monumental and exciting and unexpected.”

Gwen added, “Country music, the whole genre, is such an incredible writing community that for me I feel so much respect and I’ve learned so much from all the songs that Blake has shown me and all the different artists.”

Gwen recently released her latest single, “Slow Clap”, and told People of her band that first formed in the 1980s, “[It’s] surreal to think that that happened so long ago. I have no idea what the future holds with that. You know what I mean? It’s impossible.” Speaking of her current music, she said, “It feels like we’re at the edge of maybe, a little bit of a relief of what we were in before. It feels like we’re kind of in a new place, so basically, all I have to do is just try to write new music every day,” Stefani said. “That’s kind of the zone I’m in right now.”

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