Watch: Cam Anthony Earns Three-Chair Turn on ‘The Voice’

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NBC’s singing reality competition The Voice premiered for season 20 on March 1, 2021. The first episode of the season featured impressive performances from a number of hopeful contestants, and one that stood out was Cam Anthony’s Blind Audition.

Anthony auditioned for coaches Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, singing “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith.

After he performed, Anthony opened up about his past with singing, which included the fact that he previously met Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and met the Obamas at the White House.

Watch Cam Anthony’s Three-Chair Turn Performance

Cam Anthony's Smooth Performance of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2021Cam Anthony performs "Lay Me Down" during The Voice Blind Auditions. » Get The Voice Official App: » Subscribe for More: » The Voice Premieres Monday, March 1st 8/7c on NBC! » Stream Now: THE VOICE ON SOCIAL: Like The Voice: Follow The Voice: Follow The Voice on Instagram:…2021-03-02T04:24:19Z

All of the judges seemed interested as soon as they heard Anthony, but they weren’t invested enough to press their buttons until later on in the song when Nick Jonas pressed block on John Legend, using his one block of the season.

Legend turned his chair directly following Jonas, and Shelton followed soon after in a surprise move. Clarkson never even seemed to consider turning her chair around, which might come back to haunt her later in the season.

“Man, Cam, I really wanted you on my team, but Nick blocked me,” Legend said. “Maybe you need to pick another coach is what I’m saying. You sounded fantastic, all your runs were beautiful, and if I get a chance to steal you, I will try to do it.”

Clarkson told the performer that he sang her favorite song and she loved it.

“Your voice was so smooth, it was incredible,” Shelton said. “I know you’re probably sitting there thinking right now, ‘Why would I pick Blake Shelton when Nick Jonas is sitting there in a freshly Windexed jacket that’s so shiny?’ I would be honored for you to be on Team Blake, and I will keep that lane open for you.”

Shelton said that meant he wouldn’t pick any other artist with the same type of style and voice during the blind auditions.

Jonas and Shelton Battled it Out For Anthony to Pick Them

Jonas also wanted Anthony on his team, but he had a hard sell after all the promises Shelton had made.

“Well, Cam, your voice just lit me up,” Jonas said. “But it’s the kind of thing where I don’t have to make fun of my other coach’s jacket.”

Legend added, “He does have to block people though.”

Jonas said that he assumed Anthony had family roots that supported him all the way through and asked if his family could be put on the screen.

“I think you have a finale voice,” Jonas said, but then Shelton pulled out the big guns, choosing to speak with Anthony’s mother.

Anthony’s mother said she’d send vibes to Anthony to convince him to choose Team Blake, and it worked, as Anthony went with Team Blake over Team Nick.

“Cam, who do you pick as your coach?” Clarkson asked him.

He responded, “I think that I’m going to pick Blake,” which was a surprise to the coaches and some viewers, since Team Blake is usually full of country artists.

Tune into The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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