Coaches Accuse Blake Shelton of ‘Sabotage’ on ‘The Voice’

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The Battles of “The Voice” season 22 are almost at an end. Last night’s episode saw two coaches use their Steal, and now only one save remains, and it belongs to Blake Shelton. Although all four coaches have been getting along nicely in the competition, last night John Legend accused Blake Shelton of trying to “sabotage” Camila Cabello during the Battle Rounds.

Camila Cabello Falls Down Backstage

Last night’s Battle Rounds got off to a good start when Kique and Tanner Howe squared off to the iconic single “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds. After coach Gwen Stefani sent Kique on to the Knockouts, the coaches went backstage to talk about who had any Saves or Steals left.

Camila Cabello confirmed that she had neither power left. At that point in the night, Gwen and John Legend both had their Steal left, and Blake Shelton still had his Save. “There’s someone on your team that I really want,” Gwen told John, after which Camila abruptly slipped and fell.

Luckily, the “Senorita” singer was alright, and all of the coaches were able to laugh it off. Blake even sang, to the tune of Camila’s song “Havana”: “She fell on the floor but she got back up.”

“I’m still here guys, you’re not getting rid of me yet. I know you put some grease on my shoe to make that happen, Blake,” Camila joked, to which John responded, “Sabotage”.

Although Blake joked that Camila’s fall was the first funny thing to happen on the show, the coaches are known to joke around with each other like this, and Camila has said in an interview that she thinks Blake should try stand-up comedy.

Blake Shelton Has Called ‘Sabotage’ Before

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Although he is being looked at as the potential “saboteur” in this episode, Blake Shelton has thrown his own accusations of foul play around before.

In season five’s Blind Auditions, singer Grey auditioned with Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch My Breath”, and got chair turns from Blake, as well as Adam Levine, and CeeLo Green. At the end of her audition, when Christina Aguilera’s chair was automatically turned for Grey to choose her coach, Blake’s chair malfunctioned and spun him back around so he was the only coach facing the wrong direction.

Although this was a technical mistake that the production was able to fix, the coaches had fun pretending it was no accident. Adam started making maniacal faces, and Blake pointed straight at the Maroon 5 singer and shouted, “You did this to me!”

Blake even tried to use the malfunction as part of his argument for Grey to choose him as her coach, telling the contestant “I did a 360 for you!” Blake’s efforts were futile, however, as Grey chose Team Adam, and was later eliminated in the live playoffs.

Later, after the season 21 premiere, Blake tweeted out “Sabotage!!!!! @KellyClarkson @JohnLegend #TheVoice” after accusing coaches John and Kelly Clarkson of teaming up against him to help new coach Ariana Grande get contestant Katherine Ann Mohler on her team.

This tweet, again, was all in good fun, as Katherine said right from the beginning of the deliberation that she was a huge Ariana Grande fan and even dressed as the pop superstar for Halloween one year, however Blake still called out Kelly and John for not backing him up and “dogpiling me, and making certain that I can’t even get a word in.”

The Battle Rounds end tonight, October 25, at 8p.m. Eastern, and “The Voice” returns next Monday and Tuesday with the Three Way Knockout Round.

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