‘Voice’ Cast Member’s Wife Advised Not to Go Back Amid Cheating Allegations

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Movie star Vivica A. Fox had some strong words for R&B singer Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Renay Smith after Smith filed for divorce amid allegations that Ne-Yo has been cheating on her with sex workers and fathered a child with another woman, according to the divorce filing obtained by Page Six.

Here is what Fox had to say about the whole affair on an episode of FOX Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens”:

Fox Told Smith Not to Go Back Because it Becomes a ‘Vicious Cycle’

Crystal Blasts Ne-Yo For Being Unfaithful | Cocktails with QueensThe Queens talk about the tragic split from Ne-Yo and Crystal following allegations of cheating. SUBSCRIBE to FOX SOUL on YouTube!! ►► youtube.com/c/FoxSoul?sub_confirmation=1 WATCH LIVE & EXPLORE MORE at: foxsoul.tv/ Download the FOX SOUL app to watch LIVE shows and full episodes while on the go! Connect with FOX SOUL social: Twitter ► twitter.com/foxsoultv Instagram…2022-08-02T02:30:03Z

This is not the first time Smith and Ne-Yo have had problems; they actually filed for divorce in 2020 and later reconciled, according to TMZ. On “Cocktails With Queens,” Fox told Smith it is time to be done.

“Crystal, [if] you go back, you gonna really play yourself this time because this ain’t the first time this done happen,” said Fox.

She later added, “Crystal, if you go back and you do this again, sometimes women, it becomes a vicious cycle that you get in that you now think this is love. You deserve better, sweetheart. You’ve tried. I know sometimes a lot of women [say], ‘Well, I don’t want to break up my family,’ this, that and the third. It’s not working. Move on.”

Fox & Claudia Jordan Advised Them Both to Seek Counseling

Fox went on to say that Smith needs to value herself, recognize that this isn’t working and seek counseling so that she can find someone who deserves her.

“Go get counseling for yourself, young lady, so that you know that you deserve a man to treat you like a queen,” said the actress. “That’s what you deserve. Stop staying for the fame, or the Instagram posts, you deserve for a man to love you for you so that when you lay down in the bed next to him, you don’t feel that he’s going to bring you a disease or cheat on you and your children. You deserve better.”

Reality TV star Claudia Jordan added that she thinks Ne-Yo should also seek counseling, especially because she thinks the stigma around counseling is gone.

“Ne-Yo, I think you’re an amazing talent … you said that you love this woman so much. Seek counseling. I think now the taboo of going to counseling for Black men is gone now, so go get it. There’s obviously something that you need to address and that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it means that you’re a hurt person and that maybe you need to address something,” said Jordan.

Actress LisaRaye McCoy, who said that she is friends with both Ne-Yo and Smith, said that Smith “knows that she’s deserving,” but it’s hard.

“She knows that she’s deserving and she knows that she’s stuck in there. She knows that. She knows,” said McCoy.

This whole thing started when Smith put Ne-Yo on blast in a now-deleted Instagram where she claimed that he has cheated on her multiple times, sometimes with sex workers.

Ne-Yo has not directly addressed Smith’s allegations, but he did tweet on July 31, “For the sake of our children, my family and I will work through our challenges behind closed doors. Personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums. I simply ask that you please respect me and my family’s privacy at this time.”

Ne-Yo and Smith share three children — son Shaffer, 6, son Roman, 4, and daughter Isabella, 1.

Ne-Yo is a multiple-time “Voice” performer and mentor. He first appeared during season one when he performed “Give Me Everything” with Pitbull.

Then on Season 2 of “The Voice,” Ne-Yo was a mentor for Cee-Lo Green’s team. He returned in Season 3 to perform with fifth-place finisher Amanda Brown. He later appeared during the Season 5 finale, where he performed his duet with Celine Dion called “Incredible.” Ne-Yo was also a judge on the NBC dancing competition series “World of Dance.”

“The Voice” will return in fall 2022 on NBC.

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