WATCH: Cheryl Burke & Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Take On Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Challenge

The Kelly Clarkson Show

On “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” “The Voice” coach and “American Idol” champ Kelly Clarkson and “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Cheryl Burke went head-to-head in celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s shrimp scampi challenge. They had to try to make his signature shrimp scampi in under five minutes and hilarity and chaos ensued. Watch below.

There Is A Lot of Profanity and Kelly Clarkson Tosses Back Some Wine

Gordon Ramsay Yells At Kelly & Cheryl Burke While They Race To Cook Shrimp Scampi In Under 5 MinutesCan Gordon turn Kelly and Cheryl Burke into a "Next Level Chef?" In this boot camp demo, they race to make Gordon's shrimp scampi recipe in under five minutes. Things get messy, chaos ensues, and Gordon has only one thing to say: "You ladies are a nightmare!" For the full recipe visit The Kelly Clarkson…2022-01-06T23:00:00Z

On January 6, Kelly’s guests were professional dancer Cheryl Burke and celebrity chef and TV host Gordon Ramsay, who was there promoting his new FOX show “Next Level Chef” where chefs literally cook in kitchens stacked on top of each other and try to make it to the “next level.”

To get Cheryl and Kelly in on the fun, the women were tasked with making Gordon’s shrimp scampi in five minutes.

“You’re stressing me out with your energy right now,” said Kelly, as Gordon started telling them what to do.

“Try and get some color on [the shallots] as well. Next pan — lay your shrimp out nice and flat, really nice and flat. Nicely seasoned — no, no, no, in THIS PAN,” shouted Gordon.

“I’m sweating!” exclaimed Kelly. “This is a game, it’s a competition.”

There’s a very long bleep when Gordon laughed at Cheryl and obviously let loose with some profanity.

“C’mon, ladies, please, stop f***ing around,” said Gordon, adding, “Over the shrimp [bleeeeeep]! Tap the microplane. Tap the f***ing micrplane! … Cheryl, there’s nothing left in your pan!”

“White wine in the tomatoes, just a little splash,” said Gordon as Kelly drank hers in one gulp, making him laugh.

“You ladies are a nightmare,” said Gordon when they were done. “You are a nightmare, madame. Seriously … [Kelly], you’re going down to the basement.”

You’re a nightmare!” Kelly fired back to him. “You actually scared the s*** out of me, oh my god, I feel like I’m going to need a lot of wine.”

Gordon Said The Most Intimidating Meal He’s Ever Cooked Was For Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin

Gordon Ramsay Reveals The Most Intimidating Celebs He's Cooked ForGordon Ramsay cooked for Princess Diana when he was just 27 years old, but he still says cooking for Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Russian President Vladimir Putin was the most intimidated he's ever been in the kitchen. Gordon also dishes on his new show "Next Level Chef," teaching Snoop Dogg to cook on…2022-01-06T22:00:07Z

Also on the show, Gordon revealed to Kelly who the most intimidating celebrities are that he has cooked for, which is a veritable who’s-who of world politicians.

“I remember being invited ’round to Downing Street once to cook for Mr. Blair, [Prime Minister] Tony Blair, and President Putin. Then I generally did s*** myself thinking, ‘Can you imagine if you food poison these two f***ers? Can you imagine the kind of s*** I would get if I took these two presidents down?!'” said Gordon, laughing as he recalled how you have to bring your own pots and pans to Downing Street, which is the prime minister’s residence in London.

“That was quite an extraordinary experience. You’re sort of standing in between them to say hello and they’re asking me about the English picked asparagus and you’re thinking, ‘Get me the f*** out of here.'” said Gordon.

But the most difficult people he feeds are actually his three daughters. Gordon and his wife Cayetana have five children — Megan, Holly, Jack, Tilly and Oscar.

“Being a chef at home is like running a hotel restaurant where no one goes home, they all stay there, breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Gordon, adding that his daughters can never decide what they want to eat.

“‘Dad, tonight I’m a vegan. Tomorrow I’m a vegetarian.’ ‘What are you gonna be tomorrow? Who the f*** knows?’ They have no idea what they’re gonna be, it’s how they wake up in the morning. I was never that difficult,” said Gordon with a laugh.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022. “American Idol” season 20 premieres February 27 on ABC, while “The Voice” is not returning until fall 2022.

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