Ex ‘Voice’ Coach is Making His Way into Fans’ Homes

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If fans play their cards right, Nick Jonas can be a part of their next game night. Or, at least his new trivia card game can. Jonas’ game, LINKEE, is an adapted version of a popular UK game that the former “Voice” coach was introduced to by Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger.

Jonas Talked About the Game on ‘The Voice’

According to Rolling Stone, “Nick Jonas has access to all the fanciest parties around the world, but the singer says his favorite ‘event’ to attend [these] days is a casual game night at home.”

Jonas discussed the British version of the game while he was a coach on “The Voice,” and since that time, he has gone full force into making a U.S. version, complete with his face on the box.

The 29-year-old singer told the outlet, “It’s kind of a wild story and it sounds like a major name drop so I apologize in advance. My wife and I were on vacation and one of her friends invited us over for a game night at their house. And that friend was Mick Jagger. And he was playing LINKEE with a bunch of his friends and we played together and had a great night.”  Jonas told Rolling Stone, “once you play, you’re hooked.”

How It All Came Together

Even though Jagger’s team beat Jonas’ team that night, reports People, Jonas “couldn’t stop raving about [the game].”

According to Billboard, the executives at LINKEE contacted Jonas after hearing him praise the game and asked if he wanted to collaborate.  Jonas told them, “I’d like to do my own version of the game and launch it in the U.S. They were down, and we started to get to work…I’ll blast it out and help people fall in love with this game the same way that I have.”

Jonas loves game nights because he gets to spend quality time with his family and friends. He also likes to share the things he enjoys with his fans, Rolling Stone reports, so when he decided to join up with Big Potato Games “to create a special ‘Nick Jonas Edition’ of LINKEE for the U.S.,”  he was super excited.

Jonas helped to create the packaging and to write some of the questions for the game as well, Billboard reveals.

According to Rolling Stone, “The game is simple to play: decipher the common link between the answer to four questions, then be the first to yell it out (I.e., if the answers are “roar,” “fireworks,” “sharks” and “daisies,” the “link” is Katy Perry). Get the link right and win that card. Each card has a letter on the back to help you spell L-I-N-K-E-E. The first one to spell it out wins.”

Billboard further explains, “Designed for at least two players, ages 12+, Linkee: Nick Jonas Edition includes 260 question cards, four scorepads, one sticker and instructions on how to play.”

Jonas told People that one of his main goals was to make sure the game transferred well to American gamers. “We worked very hard on the gameplay to make sure that it was going to be digestible by the U.S. audience as far as the references and things like that,” he told the outlet.

People further reports, “In regards to what makes his version unique, the ‘Jealous’ singer said that each card reflects his own personal touch and has trivia questions that are specific to him. ‘And then on top of that,’ he jokes, ‘it’s got my face on it, which definitely sets it apart.’”

LINKEE is currently available at major retail outlets online.

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