‘Voice’ Coach Opens About Up Mental Health Struggles


A “Voice” coach opened up about mental health struggles in a new interview, saying that her anxiety has been overwhelming at times. Find out how singer and new coach Camila Cabello learned to live with those feelings and what she credits for helping her below:

Camila Said That Everyone is ‘Crazy’ in Their Own Way

In a July 2022 interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Camila opened up about her anxiety, which got “really bad” about every six months in her teens and 20s — it’s something she has just learned to live with, with the help of going to therapy on a weekly basis.

“It was something I just lived with. I was used to having functioning anxiety that got really bad every half a year,” said the pop star. “Then I started opening up to friends, and I realized how much suffering and neuroses are normal, and that we’re all bats*** crazy in our own way.”

But she added, “[W]hen it keeps you from having healthy relationships and being more often than not in a relatively stable place, [I realized] that I needed to seek out some therapy. Talking about it really helped me realize, ‘Oh, I think this is making my life harder than it is for other people.'”

Camila Also Said That There’s a Piece of Advice She Got That Was a Huge Help

When asked about the best advice she’s ever gotten, Camila said that someone telling, “You don’t have to have everything figured out today” was a tremendous help.

“I really like that [advice] because the way my brain works sometimes, you want the advice that’s gonna make everything better and feel like an organized desk, it’s very OCD of me to say that, which I have a lot of tendencies like that,” admitted the singer. “So I think that [advice] really soothes me when people are like, ‘You know what, you don’t have to have it figured out today. More will be revealed.’ More will be revealed, I like that.”

She also said that she’s very proud of the way she’s living her life right now.

“I feel like I’m doing what I want and really staying in integrity and that makes me feel really good,” said Camila.

Finally, when asked about the best gift she’s ever received, she couldn’t really think of fthe “best” one, but she said the photographer who shot her Cosmo UK cover is someone she’s worked with several times and she just gave her a great gift.

“I got a great gift just now from Christine who shot my Cosmo cover. We have done a few shoots together and she wrote that she always sees me reading on set, so she got me a few books — ‘All About Love’ by Bell Hooks, which I’ve been dying to read, so it was coincidental that she gave me that because it was literally next on my list and a couple other books that I’m really, really excited to read. I was like, ‘We need to hang out.’ I feel like from her book choices for me, I feel like she just kind of gets me,” said Camila.

“The Voice” returns in the fall of 2022 for its 22nd season on NBC. Camila is taking over for departing coach Ariana Grande, and Gwen Stefani is returning as Kelly Clarkson takes a season off.

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