Dan + Shay Reveal More Details on ‘The Voice’ Setup

Dan + Shay

Heavy/Getty/NBC Dan + Shay will join Season 25 of The Voice.

There’s going to be a major difference when “The Voice” begins its Spring 2024 season on NBC. Fans are awaiting the new-look coaching setup, specifically how the show’s first-ever coaching duo in Dan + Shay will operate.

While appearing on “TODAY,” Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney got their first look at what their double chair situation will look like. It was clear in the moment that the two are eager to get started after the reveal.

“We’re so pumped, it’s crazy,” Smyers said during the interview.

Dan + Shay Joke About Who Controls The Button on ‘The Voice’

The photo that “TODAY” shared gives not just the duo but the fans their first look at how Smyers and Mooney will be featured on season 25.

The iconic red chairs will be adjoined at the arms while the buzzer is located directly in the middle. Both members will be able to hit the button, which means they’ll have to decide quickly that they both are interested in the singer.

Mooney joked that “this will be the demise of Dan and Shay” when discussing how they’ll work the button. Smyers said that “it will be an interesting dynamic”

The duo was announced as part of the Spring 2024 cast in June. They will join a group featuring John Legend, Reba McEntire, and Chance The Rapper. The blinds will begin filming in Los Angeles at the end of July.

Before Dan + Shay get their chance, though, Season 24 will take place beginning September 25. Legend and McEntire will appear as coaches as will Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan.

Dan + Shay Recently Shared Their Struggles

While they’re not holding back their excitement for their stint on “The Voice,” the country duo revealed earlier in July that things aren’t always easy going with them. They dropped a special video called “The Drive” where they opened up about a split that nearly happened following their 2021 The Arena Tour.

Smyers is heard saying that he “he almost quit” because he was at “the lowest low” of his career.

“I had no balance before,” Smyers said in the clip. “It was completely one-sided; I was ignoring my marriage; I was ignoring all my friends that I completely burnt myself out. Entirely burnt myself out.”

Mooney added that he could sense the divide forming since they never had discussed non-music things that he felt were important. He told his duo partner that he wished he had been “present” and there for him more than he was.

They were able to get past that potential riff by openly engaging in dialogue. Smyers feels that because of that moment that they’re in the best place they’ve ever been.

“We are — by far — a million times the closest we’ve ever been for so many reasons, but because we worked at it,” Smyers said in the clip. “That makes what we’re doing now infinitely sustainable. I can do this rest of my life with you.”

The duo will release their album called “Bigger Houses” on September 15, 2023. It will be their fifth album and their first since 2021’s “Good Things.” Dan + Shay have already shared three singles off of the new album, including the titular track as well as “Save Me The Trouble” and “Heartbreak On The Map.”

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