Fans ‘Hate’ Part of ‘The Voice’ Season 21, Call For Changes

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Season 21 of NBC’sThe Voice” has been heating up, with just 11 artists left in the competition going into the third week of live shows. Some fans have noticed a trend during the live shows that they don’t appreciate, however.

When the contestants are waiting to hear results, host Carson Daly asks them questions that fans on Reddit called “pageant-type questions” to which the contestants “recite clearly memorized remarks.”

The thread goes on to clarify that the poster was talking specifically about the elimination night episodes where Daly asks contestants questions, not in the performance episodes when the contestants were talking to their coaches about who they were dedicating their songs to and why.

Fans Think That Part of The Show Is ‘Fake’

Many people replied to the thread in agreement.

“I hate the fake parts of the show… like these time-wasting questions. And the fact that everyone has to have a story. Something devastating, sad, horrifying, strange… a contestant can’t just be ‘really good at singing and want to compete,'” one person read.

Another person said they couldn’t stop thinking “who cares” while the questions were being asked, and that they thought it was in order to gain sympathy from viewers ahead of the Wildcard Instant Save.

“This season, as it’s the only one I’ve seen, has an obsession with sob stories,” one person commented. “It is one of the things I don’t like so much about this show. While binge-watching, I noticed that every time the contestants were introduced they told their story again, but they added something new that wasn’t said before that makes it sadder.”

Some commented that it seemed like the “repeat filler” was because the format of the show calls for a whole hour of results and everyone has already had their background explained during the Blind Auditions.

“I loathe this part of the show the most,” one person commented. “I’d rather watch commercials… that’s how much I hate it,” one reply reads.

Yet another commenter said that it makes them feel uncomfortable because of second-hand embarrassment.

Viewers are in for a lot more of the questions, as there are still about a month of live shows to go before the show wraps up for the season.

Which Contestants Are Still On ‘The Voice’ Season 21?

There are 11 artists remaining on “The Voice” season 21 at the time of writing. Each week, the pool will be narrowed until the finale, which is set to air in mid-December. Because of the new rules, there is not an even number of artists on each team.

Instead, Team Kelly still has four artists, Team Blake has three, and Team Legend and Team Ariana each have two artists remaining. At this rate, it’s possible that some coaches will get to the finale and have no artists remaining.

Here’s who made it through to the top 11:

Team Kelly

  • Girl Named Tom
  • Hailey Mia
  • Jeremy Rosado
  • Gymani

Team Legend

  • Jershika Maple
  • Joshua Vacanti

Team Ariana

  • Holly Forbes
  • Jim and Sasha Allen

Team Blake

  • Wendy Moten
  • Paris Winningham
  • Lana Scott

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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Emmy Bonja
Emmy Bonja
8 months ago

How did Lana get on John’s team? (the one who took Peedy’s spot)

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