‘The Voice’ Fans Say They Are ‘Not Watching’ Season 22 After Announcement


Some fans of NBC’sThe Voice” are in disbelief after the coaching panel for season 22 of the show was announced.

It was revealed on Sunday, May 15, 2022, that Kelly Clarkson will not be returning to the show for season 22 and instead, Camila Cabello would be taking over her chair.

The coaching panel will consist of Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Camila Cabello. Cabello was previously a mentor on the show, meaning she has some experience with the way it works.

Some Fans Say They Won’t Watch the Show Without Clarkson

When “The Voice” announced the coaching panel on Instagram, many of the comments were about Clarkson’s whereabouts.

“Not watching without queen @kellyclarkson,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “@kellyclarkson where are you?”

“Wait? Kelly is taking a break? Omg,” one comment reads.

Others are excited about the panel as it was presented in the video.

“Happy to see Blake back, nice to see Camila too!” one comment reads.

Some people were sad about Clarkson and Ariana Grande both being off the panel.

“kelly and ariana both leaving the voice lowkey makes me sad even though i never watched it because i was so happy to see my childhood years fave become friends with my tween/teenage years fave but i’m so glad they’re going to focus on the projects they love!,” one tweet about the situation reads.

Clarkson’s show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” is set to get even bigger in the fall of 2022, which could be one of the reasons she chose to take a break from “The Voice.” Her show will replace “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which was in the same time slot for many years. The show underwent a makeover in the time between seasons, per Good Housekeeping.

“No offense to the other coaches and producers, but Kelly Clarkson was the sole reason I watched The Voice,” another tweet about Clarkson’s exit reads.

Another person tweeted,
“So good bye the voice for now. Until Kelly comes back. The Queen giving me a break from the show.. but preparing me for other major things on the way.”

“why are camila and gwen joining the voice in the upcoming season? I don’t get it. The voice should keep ariana and kelly clarkson,” one person tweeted.

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Leave ‘The Voice’?

Clarkson shared during an interview with Elvis Duran on Thursday, May 11, 2022 one reason why she might not be returning to the show.

“I turned 40… and you know what I’m giving myself for 40?” she said. “I literally said no to everything this summer. I will not do anything this summer.”

She added, “I am taking time.”

Since “The Voice” films in the summer, that was a good indication that the star would not be returning to the show.

It’s possible Clarkson will make her return in upcoming seasons of the show, however. There has been no announcement about her return at a future date.

This is the first time the show will be on the one-season-per-year schedule since 2012, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Since then, the show has been airing twice per year.

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Theresa Moore
Theresa Moore
2 months ago

I’m not happy about Gwen being a judge. Her being on the panel squelches Blakes personality. IMO.

Sandy Goldthrite
Sandy Goldthrite
2 months ago

I am so glad Kelly is leaving. Can not take her big mouth anymore. I wish Gwen wasn’t coming back

Bonnie Jones
Bonnie Jones
2 months ago

I watched it before Kelly was on there, and I will continue to watch. It is more about the talent than the coaches. I have loved all of the coaches, and am certainly OK with giving a new coach a chance.

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