‘The Voice’ Fans Slam Season 21

The Voice

NBC "The Voice" airs on NBC.

Some fans of NBC’sThe Voice” are disappointed with the way that season 21 of the show turned out.

After the finale, one fan took to Reddit to discuss their feelings about the season of the show with the title “Oops I didn’t like how this season turned out.”

“Sorry if this offends, but it’s my opinion,” they started the post. “I don’t think [Girl Named Tom was talented enough to make it as far as they did let alone win. The singers individually are decent, yes they sound spectacular together but that doesn’t work 24/7 and their solo segments are just not solid.”

They added that they thought the trio, which did win the season as part of Kelly Clarkson’s Team Kelly, was below other vocalists when it came to technical prowess.

“So much talent that was lost too early, in my opinion. Obciously it’s about ‘making the fans fall in love with you’… but I mean c’mon… gymani, libianca, Jeremy etc. compared to Jim and Sasha? It just was really annoying to watch IMO,” the post concludes.

Some people agreed with the thoughts in the post, while others said that they do believe Girl Named Tom deserved to win.

Some Thought Girl Named Tom Was ‘Terrible’

One reply stated that they thought Girl Named Tom had a “terrible” final performance that was also “extremely pitchy.”

Another said that they did not vote during the season because they would not be willing to buy an artist’s music or go to their concerts following the show, though they do think that Girl Named Tom had “wonderful voices.”

“The other singers aren’t impressive,” the comment stated. “None of them have the it or x factor. There is nothing wrong with that, it just is. Let’s see who rises in the industry from this show. We shall see.”

Some Fans Think Others Take ‘The Voice’ ‘Too Seriously’

One person replied to the thread to say they thought that other people take the title of “The Voice” too seriously.

“I think people are taking the show’s title a bit too seriously,” they wrote. “Wendy/Jershika/Hailey definitely have amazing voices. But if people prefer to buy someone else’s music over yours, what’s the point of having the best voice?? Are people buying Wendy’s records as much as they are for GNT?”

Wendy Moten finished second in the competition after being a front-runner for much of the season.

“I’ll be forever mad Samuel got taken out so soon,” one persona also commented, while others mentioned that many viewers vote based on more than just the voice of a contestant alone, including their stage presence and the way that they connect with the audience.

Another person said they thought the show was very commercialized when it came to the winner.

“Same,” they wrote. “It’s sad that commercial sh** will win over talent every time. Wendy Moten is the real winner for me, no matter what. I do not care if GNT were good musicians, they were not the best voices.”

“The Voice” has not yet been renewed for season 22. If the show is renewed, then it will return in the fall cycle of 2022, likely in mid-September.

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Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson
4 months ago

GNT had beautiful voices, but they in no way could compare to Wendy. And I guess it all depends on your taste in music. Listening to GNT for any length of time would bore me silly. I could listen to Wendy on a loop. That soulfulness. Even when she sang Jolene. As I said I guess it just all comes down to a person’s taste in music.

Cathy Wingate
Cathy Wingate
4 months ago

I agree. The viewers have spoken. GNT won. The viewers are the Judges. This show gives people a chance to showcase their talent. There was another POC I believe her name was Ikesha killed it every time. She gave it all. Everyone talks about Wendy but she did not have the heart of GNT and Ikesha. It’s more heart than voice. Also stop trying to change them. Also making it all about the Judges is wrong. Don’t put so many emotional stories on either. It’s the Voice and heartfelt performances that connect with viewers.

Teresa Garner-Schabacker
Teresa Garner-Schabacker
4 months ago

Girl Named Tom DID deserve to win the Title. I watched the entire season and they were the best from beginning to end!!!! Their rendition of Kansas..Dust in The Wind could almost be re-recorded and become a Hit on Radio by them. I’m just waiting for them to come out with a CD. I’ll be the first one in line.

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