Gwen Stefani Angers Fans With Father’s Day Instagram Post

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton

Getty Gwen Stefani & husband, Blake Shelton.

The Voice” coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have warmed the hearts of many with their tender, loving relationship. As a stepfather to Stefani’s three sons – Kingston, 15, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 7 – Shelton has shown that he is caring, attentive and fun. So, it is no surprise that on Father’s Day, Stefani gave a shout out to her hubby on Instagram.

Stefani’s Instagram Post Divided Fans

The post included photos of the family enjoying each other’s company, with the caption “happy father’s day @blakeshelton we all love u sooooo much god really gave me you for the ups and downs ❤️ gx.”

Many fans praised the post, acknowledging what a great stepdad Shelton is. However, other fans were offended by the fact that Stefani did not mention their real father, Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale.  Although they have been divorced since 2016, Rossdale has maintained an active and loving role in his children’s lives, according to People.

Many commenters on Stefani’s Instagram post thought Rossdale should have been acknowledged.  One wrote, “A sweet post, but what about their biological Dad? I think he should have a shout out too, No?” Another poster replied, “Yeah I thought the same, it’s like Gavin doesn’t exist, it’s kinda sad that she never mentions him anymore. He’s the father of her kids.”

One comment read, “I remind you that your children are Rossdale not Shelton,” and a similar post read, “Gavin is the father.”

Another Instagram user commented, “Don’t get me wrong but I love you guys together but for you to say without mentioning Gavin like his the only father is so wrong. Sorry not sorry.”  One poster asked, “what about their dad ? Wheres his happy fathers day?”

Not everyone agreed that Stefani not mentioning Rossdale was a snub. One commenter defended Stefani adamantly, writing, “she doesn’t have to mention him on her page if the older boys want to give a shout out to dad then I bet she would have no problem with that but for her they are divorced so she does not need to do anything but make sure the boys see their dad when he is supposed to have them!”

Another defender wrote, “Blake’s been parenting those boys with Gwen for over 7 years. Blake’s a great guy. Gavin who?”  Another poster commented, “children belong to those who raise them!”

What’s the Story With Rossdale?

Despite what some fans think, Shelton is not the only man raising Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. Stefani and Rossdale share 50/50 custody, according to a 2020 article in People.

Rossdale posted a New Year’s pic of him and the kids on Instagram in January, which he captioned with, “HAPPY NEW YEAR -it’s hard to reflect on last year without a bit of confusion-like what was that ?-it’s great we get to start again – here’s hoping it’s as fulfilling as possible.”

Rossdale told People that his children inspire him to make his music the best that it can be. He beamed that his oldest son, Kingston, is starting to show an interest in music that mirror’s his dad’s. “Basically all three boys, all my kids, they’re just better versions of me. I gave them my strengths,” Rossdale reflected in People.

Rossdale is the lead singer of the rock band Bush, who had hits in the 1990s with songs like “Everything Zen,” “Machinehead,” “Little Things,” “Glycerine” and “Comedown.”

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Michael Swinford
Michael Swinford
5 months ago

Perhaps the grossest couple on the planet. The thought of them together makes me want to hurl.

Fay Humphrey
Fay Humphrey
5 months ago

She’s an old lady trying to act like she’s 20. She is a joke not mentioning their father

Cindy Koutros-Forant
Cindy Koutros-Forant
5 months ago

She’s a joke, Shelton cheated on his wife for Miranda, then left her for Stefani, then Stefani leaves gavin for Shelton, ahhh a twisted web…

Missie Bird
Missie Bird
5 months ago

No not quite but I can tell already you know that. Gavin actually massively cheated on her with the nanny also and has a child with someone else. And for the record I absolutely adore Gavin but for you to say all this crap just shows what a disingenuous sad person you are. You know you’re allowed to like more than one person right? They all have done crazy ass things be better.

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