‘The Voice’ Fans Slam Coach Gwen Stefani

john legend and gwen stefani

NBC John Legend and Gwen Stefani on "The Voice"

Some fans of “The Voice” are upset with coach Gwen Stefani, who is returning to the coaching chair for the first time since season 20.

Some fans expressed concern about Stefani, 52, after seeing her appearance on the video announcing Sean Paul as her Battle Round Advisor.

“and my battle advisor is… [Sean Paul],” she wrote. “let’s get this party started.”

The day before, Stefani teased the identity of her advisor, and fans expressed the same concerns in the comments on that video.

“can u guess my battle advisor? i think he’s really gonna bring the fire 👀🔥@nbcthevoice #TheVoice,” she wrote.

Fans Say Stefani Should Not ‘Hide’ Her Age

Some fans took to the comment section to tell Stefani that they feel she should “stop” with the fillers in her face.

“I think it’s time to stop the fillers,” one person wrote.

Another person wrote, “What’s going on there? She doesn’t need all the filler. She is already beautiful!”

“Gwen!! My luv!! What did you dooooo to your face ????? Noooo please you’re so pretty naturally !!” one comment reads.

Others compared her to another superstar.

“Please don’t be like Madonna and hide your age,” one comment reads. “This is the first I have seen you without photoshop. It makes me really respect the Gwen Stefani I fell in love with 20 years ago.”

Another person wrote, “Stop where you’re at with the fillers. You don’t need them. You are one of the most beautiful women on the planet.”

“Please stop injecting your face with fillers. You have always been a natural beauty.. so yeah,” another comment reads.

Other fans took the time to tell Stefani they thought she looked beautiful and that they would be rooting for her in the upcoming season.

Sean Paul Likes Stefani’s ‘Vibes’

Stefani and Paul will work together during the Battle round of “The Voice,” and Paul shared that he and Stefani are a unique pair in an interview with ET Online.

“[I’ve] definitely felt her vibes, her voice and all of that from No Doubt days all the way through ‘Bananas’ days… straight up to now,” Paul shared. “She’s awesome… when she said yes, I did a little dance.”

Stefani chose Paul because of her love for ska music, she said.

“I grew up loving ska music, which was, at the time, like, super underground,” she said. “[There were] a lot of English groups like Madness, The Specials, and The Selector, which led me into reggae music… And then, it’s just crazy to think that all these years later, I’m standing with a legend.”

She shared, “We had hooked up with this song, and I was like, ‘Gosh, you know, I should get him to do [‘The Voice’], that would be perfect,” referring to their song, “Light My Fire.” “I just asked.”

The advice Paul shared with the contestants, he said, was to be more relaxed.

“A lot of the contestants were just trying a lot to impress,a nd I was like, ‘The song’s dope by itself, it needs you to carry it – it needs to bring us into the song,” Paul told ET.

“The Voice” is set to return to NBC on September 19, 2022. The season will feature coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend.

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