Fans Barely Recognize Gwen Stefani’s on ‘Late Night’ TV Interview

Gwen Stefani

Getty Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani went on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on September 11 to talk about her return as a coach on “The Voice.”  While fans of the hit NBC talent show were interested in what she had to say, many seemed much more interested in how she looked. In fact many found her to be virtually unrecognizable.

According to, “The always-glam star looked stunning, with long blonde hair and a bold fishnets-and-cut-outs ensemble, but her appearance had even some longtime fans of the singer asking if it was really her.”

Fans Had a Lot to Say About Stefani’s Appearance

The comments on social media were far more focused on the “Hollaback Girl” singer’s appearance than anything she had to say about “The Voice.”

One viewer wrote, “Why did Gwen destroy her face? She was so beautiful!  Do stars not understand that they look like puffy masculine aliens when they get work done on their face and body? So bummed. Never thought she would go there!” Another fan posted, “She’s literally unrecognizable.”

Another frustrated fan wrote, “Damnit Gwen. So many women look up to you! Now it’s all pumped up lips, botax, face threading, hair extensions.”

Some fans declared they were personally disappointed in the pop star. One commenter posted, “Gwen has now made herself look so common …and I hate that. It just shows the pressures of that industry never stop, no matter how successful they are. I grew up listening to her music and buying her albums,..and I can not recognize her at all. She had such a unique look, spunky personality, and adorable face.”

Another poster shared, “gwen u inspired me so much growing up in the 90s. i was a tomboy who was into old hollywood stars/makeup. it breaks my heart to see u change ur body when u were perfect the way u were. get away from the voice and all that toxic crap.”

Some of the comments were more about the shock factor.  One viewer wrote, “Whoa 😳 She is so naturally beautiful and I definitely wasn’t prepared to see her looking like this! Way too many fillers in her cheeks. Her face looks so swollen.” Another declared, “She’s approaching uncanny valley now looks wise. I think her madame Tussaud figure looks more lifelike…wow…”

What Stefani Had to Say

Stefani was on the “Late Night” show to talk about “The Voice,” and she had some interesting things to say. For example, when Meyers asked her about how she feels when contestants cover her songs, she said she thinks its “awesome.” However, she revealed that co-star, John Legend, does not like it and pretty much never turns when someone does a cover of one of his songs. “He gets very scientific” about it she said, and “overwhelmed.”

Stefani also discussed her new makeup line and how she used to be a makeup artist. “I worked at the counter and I did makeovers on people” she told Meyers. “And I just love the way makeup makes people feel and how powerful it can be,” she continued.

Some fans, however, are not confident in Stefani’s beauty expertise. As one fan commented after seeing the clip, she “has now changed her facial structure so much that she looks like a different person. She’s erased the authenticity from her face – the way she smiles looks more like a wince now.”

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