Some ‘The Voice’ Fans Are ‘Happy’ Season 21 Finalist Lost

The Voice

NBC "The Voice" airs on NBC.

Some fans of NBC’sThe Voice” are glad that one of the finalists of season 21 did not pull off the win, but not because they don’t think the singer is talented.

The season 21 finalists varied in age and genre, but Kelly Clarkson’s team members Girl Named Tom, a sibling trio specializing in folk music, ended up winning after all was said and done.

Hailey Mia, the youngest singer in the competition, came in fourth place, and some fans are happy that she did not win.

Some Fans of Mia are Glad She Lost the Show

In a Reddit thread titled, “happy that hailey mia lost,” one person explained why they feel the way they do about Mia and said they did not care that Girl Named Tom pulled off the win.

“I’ve been rooting for Hailey Mia since the beginning so it may not make sense for me to be happy that she lost,” they wrote. “However, when they win they get signed to a label who doesn’t really care about them. If you look at past contestants and winners the ones who actually do well in the industry are the ones who don’t win but instead use the show to get found by management or label who would actually do right by them.”

They added that they thought not winning actually gave Mia a better chance to have a strong career going forward, and the comments on the post tended to agree.

One person contradicted the fact about the contract.

“Kelly has gotten every single one of her winners out of that contract, so it wouldn’t hurt Hailey to win, and it won’t hurt GNT either. Kelly does a great job of taking care of her people after the show wraps up,” one comment read. It’s not clear where the information comes from, however, as contract information has not been made public.

Some Hope She Will Improve With Time

Some people think that Mia will be a star with time, but they also believe she needs some time to improve.

“Also she’s so young,” one person wrote. “I want her to be able to enjoy her youth and schooling before she really focuses on breaking into the music industry.”

Another commented, “I love Hailey Mia and would love to see what type of music she comes out with! I will have to say though that her stage presence isn’t the best and it might have to do with how young she is, I would be shy too. She’s got a great voice but paired with a great personality on stage would be killer for her and her future career.”

“Yeah I could see Hailey Mia being a real star. Like even a Beyonce, who was discovered on star search,” one person wrote.

What’s Next for Hailey Mia?

In an interview with New Jersey 101.5, Mia talked about what’s next for her following the season finale of “The Voice.”

“We go wherever the world takes me,” she told the outlet. “I would say somewhere specific but I don’t know. I’m so young, I want to spend the holidays with my family, spend more time with my family because I’ve been gone for 9 weeks, and after that I take every opportunity I’m given.”

She added, “I find anyway find any time any day to sing in front of people and inspire people, help people through music and hopefully put out my own music, get in the studio, whatever comes my way.”

“The Voice” has not yet been renewed for season 22. If the show is renewed, then it will return in the fall cycle of 2022, likely in mid-September.

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