Grammy Nominee Has Perfect Response to Kelly Clarkson’s Cover of Their Song For Kellyoke

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To kick off the fourth season of her talk show, “American Idol” winner and “Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson came out of the gate swinging with some big hits for her daily “Kellyoke” segment. And now the original artist of one of her covers has posted the perfect response.

Jo Dee Messina Responded to Kelly’s Cover of Her Song With a Cover of Her Own

On Twitter, Messina recalled how she was packing to get on the road for a trip and her phone started blowing up on the day Clarkson covered her 1998 hit “Bye, Bye,” a single off of Messina’s two-times platinum album “I’m Alright.”

Messina recounted:

OK, so I am getting ready to get on the road — packing my stuff, doing my laundry — and all of a sudden boom, boom! my phone starts blowing up with “Kelly Clarkson,” “Kelly Clarkson,” “Kelly Clarkson.” And so I found out that Kelly Clarkson did a version of “Bye, Bye” today on her show and it was awesome and if you missed it, you have to go back and see it.

Messina then said, “But Kelly, this is for you!”, and proceeded to launch into a piano version of Clarkson’s 2004 hit “Breakway.” At the end, Messina said, “I love you, girl.”

Clarkson’s show account retweeted Messina’s video with a shocked face, praise hands, and a heart emoji.

Fans Are Losing It

In the comments on the Clarkson cover of “Bye, Bye,” fans love when she goes country.

“Kelly sounds so good country,” wrote one fan.

Another wrote, “Queen Kelly Clarkson is just a magical unicorn, seriously.”

“She is amazing as always! She makes every single songs her own and slays. She can sing the phonebook. There’s nothing she can’t sing honestly! And can we talk about how amazing and beautiful she looks in that outfit? I freaking love the outfit! Totally fits her perfectly,” wrote one fan in the YouTube video comments.

Another wrote, “HOLY CRAP. I am not even a major country music fan and Kelly ripped this to shreds in a good way- dude- her voice was made for this! I can’t believe how well this fits her!”

A third fan said that country music needs Clarkson to grace them with a whole country album.

On Messina’s cover of “Breakaway,” fans were equally excited.

“Jo Dee, this is sooooo good! I hope @kellyclarkson sees it! BTW have loved your music since I was younger!” wrote one fan.

“Oh, this was amazing, Kelly is going to love this,” wrote another fan.

And several fans called for a duet between Clarkson and Messina, with one writing, “Now we need a collab from you two, you are both amazing,” and another chiming in with, “Um, I need this collab immediately.”

This is not the only time an artist of one of Clarkson’s covers had taken notice. Just a few days after Messina responded to Clarkson’s cover, so did superstar Jennifer Lopez.

Clarkson did an acoustic cover of Lopez’s song “Waiting for Tonight” that J-Lo retweeted and wrote, “Fangirling so hard right now, I stan @kellyclarkson.”

“The Voice” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on NBC. “The Kelly Clarkson Show” airs daily; check your local listings for time and channel.

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