Kelly Clarkson Reveals the Hardest Part of Her Career

Kelly Clarkson

Getty Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson is a music and TV superstar, but she still has a hard time with some parts of her career. The “The Voice” coach recently sat down and opened up about what she sees as the hardest part of her career.

Clarkson stopped by actress Mayim Bialik’s podcast, “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown,” where she talked about the parts of being famous that she finds the hardest.

Clarkson talked about the fact that she always has to worry about her appearance and the pressure she has felt to appear in a certain way. During the interview, Clarkson had on no makeup and pigtail braids, but she said her manager would not want her to look that way.

Clarkson Says There is Pressure to Look a Certain Way

Clarkson says the pressure to have a certain type of appearance comes from everywhere, even her management.

“I think the biggest thing for me in my whole career is, just being me has been really hard,” she shared. “Like, no manager would ever want me to do this – I have no makeup on.”

She also said that she doesn’t plan on getting any cosmetic surgeries or procedures.

“Any needle that goes in my body is either taking blood to check my thyroid,” she said, adding that she’d be terrified of the work.

“If I weren’t terrified, I would be sitting right here with some double Ds, I’m gonna be real with you because I never had big boobs and I always wanted big boobs, but I’m terrified, and I would never get a boob job,” she said. “Why would I cut myself on purpose?

Clarkson Says the Hardest Part of Her Career Has Been Being Herself

Fans know how important authenticity is to Kelly Clarkson. She later went on to say that people have constantly wanted her to change.

“Everybody would always micromanage everything and try to get you to be somebody that you’re not, and the hardest part has been being me,” Clarkson shared. “So, I think that’s been the hardest challenge, I guess I’d say, with mental health.”

She later shared an anecdote about working in the industry early on in her career.

“I was sitting in a room full of – no offense, I love men, I love older men, they’re great – but I was sitting in a room full of men that were far older than me telling me what I should be like, what I should say in interviews, what I should sing, and I’m like, ‘Y’all don’t even listen to me. You’re not even my core audience. Like, how would you know?’” Clarkson shared.

She added that that really helped her realize that she would never be able to make everyone else happy, and that sometimes when she sees herself after her makeup artists work on her before her talk show, she feels like “Harry freaking Potter just got ahold” of her face.

“I don’t even look like the same human,” she laughed. “But in my every day? Nah. I’m not going to get dressed up to go to Target or hang out with my friends.”

Clarkson auditioned for “American Idol” when she was just 20 years old. At the season finale, Clarkson was announced to be the winner, and she received a recording contract before immediately releasing her first single “A Moment Like This,” which was first performed at the finale. The song, according to Billboard, broke a 38-year record held by The Beatles for a song’s biggest jump to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

She has since won three Grammy awards and two Daytime Emmy Awards for her talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

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