Kelly Clarkson Gives Fans Holiday Advice Amid Divorce

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Earlier this year, Kelly Clarkson announced that she and her now-estranged husband Brandon Blackstock were getting divorced. Now, she’s sharing advice for fans who may be in awkward situations this holiday season.

The superstar and talk show host has been open about her divorce and the situations and feelings she’s had to deal with because of her marriage ending, but now she wants to help fans get through awkward things they might be dealing with.

In a digital-only segment on The Kelly Clarkson ShowClarkson talked about some awkward situations and took questions from fans. She said the show asked fans to send in their “biggest dilemmas” so she could help solve them.

Clarkson Offered Advice to Fans

The first comment came from a fan who said they used quarantine as an excuse to have Christmas with their mom’s side of the family rather than their dad’s. They said that they accidentally included a family member from their dad’s side of the family in a group chat where they said they were “going with the fun ones” and wanted to know if they were “going to hell.”

Clarkson laughed off the situation before responding, “No, but you are in so much trouble! Here’s the thing, don’t lie. Just own it, and then be like… become the fun ones, you know? Just own it.”

Another fan asked what to do when the discussion turns to politics, but Clarkson said she probably wasn’t the best person to answer the question.

“I don’t like when people say don’t talk about faith, or politics, or all the big issues because I’m like, ‘that’s how we get here! That’s how we get to 2020!’ because no one talks about stuff. That doesn’t fix the problem,” she shared.

She said that it’s important to talk about those issues and get down to why someone might feel the way they do.

Clarkson Shared Her Love for Homemade Gifts

Another fan asked Clarkson what she thought about buying versus making gifts, and she said she thinks people would want homemade gifts instead of bought ones. Clarkson said if no one wants the creative stuff you make then, “don’t be friends with them.”

“I love making stuff,” she shared. “Not because it’s just so much fun to make things, but it’s also therapeutic. Like when I color with my kids, yeah I’m doing it with them because it’s fun for them and they love it and they ask me to do it, but also, it’s like, really soothing.”

The last question came from a fan asking what should be on their (virtual) Christmas party playlist.

“Under the Tree,” Clarkson answered without hesitation, laughing. “Under the Mistletoe by Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge.”

In all seriousness, though, Clarkson said that song choice would depend on the vibe of the party. Then, she took the time to wish her fans a happy holiday.

Song choice is very important to Clarkson. In a segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show on December 14, Clarkson said that she’s been listening to a lot of music to get through all of the feelings that come with getting divorced. She said that Garth Brooks’s song “The Dance” has helped her the most through a difficult time in her life.

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