WATCH: Kelly Clarkson & Kelsea Ballerini Trash Blake Shelton on TV

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Kelsea Ballerini and Kelly Clarkson are making headlines for trash-talking Blake Shelton, but what exactly went down?

Well, when Ballerini filled in for Kelly Clarkson on The Voice, Clarkson asked one thing of her– that she keep her rivalry with Blake Shelton alive, according to Today.

When she appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” recently, Ballerini shared, “… I really took that to heart.”

Ballerini certainly did take it to heart. At one point while coaching alongside Shelton, she joked, “Hey Blake, have I ever told you that you look like my dad?”

Reflecting on her time on The Voice, Ballerini said, “So, those are the two things that I can tell you is that the talent’s really great, the choices were really hard, but we talked about it, and Blake probably hates me.”

So, while Ballerini certainly kept her rivalry with Shelton alive, it seems this tactic was conjured up by Clarkson.

Here’s what you need to know:

Where Did Kelly Clarkson Go?

So where exactly did Kelly Clarkson go on The Voice? Why wasn’t she present during the past couple of shows?

As it turns out, Clarkson felt sick enough that she didn’t think it would be wise to show up on set of The Voice.

Daly shared with the show, per USA Today, “Unfortunately our own Kelly Clarkson wasn’t feeling well this week, and while she didn’t test positive for Covid, as you can imagine we have some really strict guidelines on our set. Kelly is staying at home, where she’s watching the battles remotely. She’s going to be checking in on you.”

Per USA Today, Clarkson asked Ballerini to fill in for her, and shared, “If I can give you any advice, don’t trust Blake.”

Ariana Grande Joins ‘The Voice’

Last week, news surfaced that Grande would be joining the next season of The Voice. The announcement was made on The Today Show on March 31.

What was Shelton’s reaction to the news?

“There’s one chair on The Voice that seems like lately it’s turned into this revolving door of different coaches that we’re able to bring in. I’m excited about it. I’m a fan of hers.”

Who’s leaving the show?

Nick Jonas will be leaving the show to make way for Grande.

Jonas, according to Distractify, coached Season 19 of The Voice.

A separate source shared with the outlet, “Ariana is a huge fan of The Voice and her management team has been negotiating to get her on the show for a while. She is replacing Nick Jonas, who is a [coach] on the current season, but he isn’t leaving for good. Nick will remain on rotation with other stars that have appeared on the show. The chances are he will be back soon.”

While Grande hasn’t coached The Voice before, she did perform the song Into You for the show’s finale in 2016.

When Grande made the announcement on Instagram, she wrote, “I’m so honored and excited. to join ‘The Voice’ family! I have been a huge fan of the show for such a long time.”

The Voice airs Mondays on NBC at 8 pm ET/PT.

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