Why Kelly Clarkson Regrets Telling Her Daughter Where Babies Come From

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Kelly Clarkson, American Idol champion, The Voice coach, music superstar and talk show host, is often open with her fans about her parenting style and personal life. Recently, she opened up about one regret she had while talking with her daughter.

Someone in the audience asked Clarkson if she’d ever told her children something that she later wished she hadn’t. Clarkson’s daughter, River, is six years old, and her mother had to have an important conversation with her once she became interested in how pregnancy and death work.

Clarkson regretted the conversation once her daughter started taking what she said more literally than she meant it.

Clarkson Didn’t Want Her Daughter to Worry About Death

According to Clarkson, she told her daughter that she’d once been a part of Clarkson because she didn’t want her to worry about death.

“My daughter became obsessed when she was 4 years old about where she came from,” Clarkson shared. “And then she started being nervous about death. I was like, ‘What is happening?'”

Clarkson added, “She was talking about death and all these things and I wanted her to feel good about, like, not dying, or anything like that and then also, like, ‘Well you were a part of Mommy, so you’ll always have me, so even if Mommy dies, you were a part of me.'”

She told her daughter that she had spent time “in Mommy’s tummy.”

“So, you were always a part of me, so that’ll never go away,” Clarkson told her daughter. “You’re from my body, so you carry Mommy on, so, in a sense, Mommy will never die with you because I’m a part of you.”

Clarkson’s Daughter Would Ask Random Women if They’re Pregnant

After being told that babies grew in woman’s stomachs, River began asking random people if they were pregnant.

“And, then, she took that as in any woman in the world, regardless if you have a [big] stomach or not, walks up to and goes, ‘So you have a baby in there?'” Clarkson shared.

She added, “It just doesn’t matter who it is, she is just very excited that ‘Don’t worry. If you die, she’s still gonna carry you on.’ It’s, like, you missed the … we shouldn’t tell people that they’re pregnant. That’s another one. Yup, that happened.”

Clarkson recently revealed during an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt on her show that people were mean to her after she won American Idol. 

“You ran up to me, and it was right when, like, the final three, I think, of Idol, and we were just so slammed and everything was just happening, like, in a whirlwind,” she told Jennifer Love Hewitt. “And people, like, were really mean to us because we’re from a talent show and it’s the first season.”

Clarkson continued her story, adding that people had been rude to the top three Idol contestants in many places.

“And people were mean to us,” she said. “Like, on the carpet, on the show.”

Kelly Clarkson returns to The Voice in February 2021 as a coach alongside Blake Shelton, John Legend and Nick Jonas.

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