‘The Voice’ Coach Granted Second Restraining Order This Month

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NBC "The Voice" coach Kelly Clarkson has been granted a second restraining order.

“The Voice” coach and music superstar Kelly Clarkson has been granted a second restraining order in the span of one week.

According to TMZ, Clarkson was temporarily granted a restraining order for her and her children while a hearing later in December will determine if that order becomes permanent.

Clarkson filed for the order with help of her attorney, Ed McPherson. The filing, according to the outlet, alleged a man named Victor Fernandez has shown up at Clarkson’s home multiple times including at least one incident in a semi-truck.

The Filing Alleges Fernandez Has Shown Up Multiple Times

Michael Lopez, who works as Clarkson’s head of security, said in the documents obtained by TMZ that Fernandez came to Clarkson’s home on Thanksgiving and was seen looking over her privacy gate. According to the documents, he returned two more times that day and told security he was there to talk to Clarkson.

He allegedly showed up again on December 3 when he told staff Clarkson invited him.

The temporary order grants protection for Clarkson and her family, ordering Fernandez to stay 100 yards away from Clarkson’s home, job, car and places her children are like their school and child care.

Clarkson Also Has a Temporary Restraining Order Against a Woman Filed This Month

On December 9, 2022, Clarkson was granted a restraining order against a woman named Huguette Young. According to court documents first obtained by TMZ, Clarkson’s head of security claims that Young has visited Clarkson’s home uninvited at least 18 times. The documents allege that the woman has left gifts on the porch like dog toys, stickers, plants and seeds.

According to the documents, Young has been confronted multiple times.

In a December 14, 2022 report, TMZ writes that Clarkson filed new documents against Young.

In the new documents, Lopez claimed Young’s car was driving past Clarkson’s house at around 1:45 a.m. PT on Tuesday, December 13. The documents uploaded include surveillance footage from Clarkson’s head of security showing what is allegedly Young’s vehicle driving on Clarkson’s driveway in the middle of the night.

The restraining order Clarkson has is temporary until a hearing is held later this month, according to TMZ.

Clarkson Is Set For ‘The Voice’ Return Next Season

Clarkson is returning to her big, red coaching chair on “The Voice” for season 23 of the singing competition show. She’ll be joining Blake Shelton for his last season on the show as well as new coaches Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper.

The first promotional images and the first commercial for the season were shared with Entertainment Weekly during the season 22 finale which aired on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

In the new trailer, Clarkson asks Shelton if he knows the new coaches, and he responds, “Who are they again?”

Horan later refers to Shelton as his dad.

“Blake is now my dad… no offense to my dad,” Horan says in the trailer.

Clarkson goes on to share that the season is the “vets versus the newbies,” and Chance the Rapper says he thinks his “biggest competition” for the season is Kelly.

“But I’mma still win though,” he tells the cameras.

“The Voice” returns on Monday, March 6, 2022 for an all-new season.