Kelly Clarkson Reveals if She’ll Return to ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson

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Music and TV superstar Kelly Clarkson left “The Voice” ahead of season 22 of the show, citing that she wanted to take a summer off to spend with her children amid her divorce.

Clarkson is set for a return to television on September 12, 2022 with the first episode of season 4 of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” She’s also working on new music and has been spending time with her children, she told Variety ahead of her talk show’s season premiere.

Still, fans may be wondering if Clarkson will make a return to NBC’s “The Voice” in the future.

Clarkson Created an Album After Leaving ‘The Voice’

Clarkson was asked about why she left “The Voice” and about a possible future return to the big red coaching chair during an extensive interview with Variety. She shared that she wasn’t able to work on an album while she was on the show.

“There wasn’t time,” she said. “And not just because of the talk show, but also because of ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Song Contest.’ I like to be busy in general. But especially when all the feelings are happening, I’m like, ‘Oh, let’s be as busy a bee as we can, so I don’t have to feel this for a minute!’ I do that, which is not healthy.”

She added, “That’s why taking this summer was so important to me, even though a lot of people were kind of bummed because I was supposed to do a couple of things. Obviously, I stepped down on ‘The Voice’ this season because I just needed the space.”

That doesn’t mean she won’t be returning to the show, however.

“I definitely… Um, I probably will be back at ‘The Voice’ at some point,” she said, laughing awkwardly as if she just spilled the beans, according to Variety. “I might be back at ‘The Voice.'”

When asked if it would be the “season after next,” she responded, “I mean, I don’t know!” while laughing.

Clarkson Shared a Post Thanking Her Fans

Clarkson shared a touching post on Instagram about her journey since winning “American Idol” on the 20th anniversary of her being crowned the season one winner.

“20 years ago today I won American Idol and it forever changed the course of my life,” she wrote. “That moment was the door that opened up so much access and opportunity, and creative partnerships that I will be grateful for all of my days. The family and friendships I have created over these 20 years in music and tv are priceless to me. We only get so many trips around the sun and while I am proud and feel abundantly blessed of the successes and failures that I have learned from, I am most proud and grateful for those friends that have become family.”

Seh added, “Thank you so much to every single person that voted 20 years ago! Thank you!… I hope all of you have people in your lives that fill you with laughter, and hope, and happiness, and if you don’t feel like you have that, then keep searching because I promise you they’re looking for you too.”

“The Voice” is set to return to NBC on September 19, 2022. The season will feature coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend.

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