Kelly Clarkson Reveals Wardrobe Malfunction

Kelly Clarkson

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“The Voice” coach and “American Idol” champion Kelly Clarkson is not a fan of quick changes.

In a February 2 interview with singer Shania Twain, Clarkson notes that the Canadian country music star has many quick changes in her live shows, and shared that “People try and get me to do [quick changes] and it’s exhausting!” Clarkson then asked Twain if she has had any wardrobe malfunctions during her career, and shared a close call of her own as well.

See the interview clip below.

Kelly Clarkson Was Almost Left ‘Commando’ On Stage

Twain could not initially think of any memorable wardrobe malfunctions of her own to share, however Clarkson recalled one moment from a previous tour when she was almost left on stage completely naked.

“One time, in my quick change, they zipped me, but didn’t [finish fastening the outfit closed], and I jumped around a lot on that tour, and so my dress almost came completely off,” Clarkson said, “And I was commando. That would have gone real ‘European Beach’ real quick.”

Twain then remarked that she does have some similar stories to Clarkson’s, however the “biggest mishap I’ve had on stage was my horse.”

Twain has incorporated horses into her performances for years now. In her 2014 Las Vegas residency, “Still the One”, Twain entered the stage on horseback, singing the beginning of the show’s title track atop her white horse named El Alcazar. El Alcazar was also trained to do a spin and bow its head down for the audience before Twain gently dismounted her steed and petted the horse through the remainder of the song.

Twain also incorporated her horse Meme in an April 2020 performance of her classic songs “Honey I’m Home” and “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” for the special “ACM Presents: Our Country”. The special was aired early in the COVID-19 pandemic

Twain told Clarkson that the number hasn’t always gone according to plan, however. “My horse, I on stage, drops a big poop. And I mean it’s big, and steamy, and it’s stinky.” Twain said that she didn’t mind the odor, and that her main concern was how to keep the show going. She decided to own the moment, saying “it was just really awkward. So I just had to say, ‘Well, s*** happens.'”

‘This is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Saved Kelly Clarkson From Another Near-Miss

Clarkson’s wardrobe malfunction on tour wasn’t her only close call with a costume change. She told Twain in the same interview that her fastest quick changes were when she hosted the Billboard Music Awards (which she hosted from 2018-2020), which would be as quick as two or three minutes.

Actor Justin Hartley appeared on Clarkson’s talk show in February 2020 after presenting at a previous Billboard ceremony and revealed that he saved Clarkson from another wardrobe malfunction in the making.

“They’ve got [you] running back and forth [doing quick changes] …” Hartley says, “But I’m standing there, and you’re coming through, and you’ve got this train on your dress, and you’re flying by. There’s this dude … and he stands on your dress [unknowingly].”

Hartley said he saved Clarkson after making eye contact with “this dude” and telling him “Raise your right foot” right in the nick of time as Clarkson rushed to get on stage.

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