Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Brings Her Back to Court

Kelly Clarkson

Getty Singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson.

When most people get divorced, they fight over who gets the house, the car and the big screen TV. When Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock get divorced, they fight over a $17,750,000 ranch, according to court records obtained by Heavy.

The divorce case is still continuing, records show. According to Los Angeles County court records viewed by Heavy, Blackstock requested a hearing in the case that was held remotely on June 16, 2022. Another hearing, this time in person, is scheduled for July 15, 2022, in Los Angeles court, records show.

The former Voice coach filed for divorce in June 2020. She and Blackstock had been married for almost seven years, and the couple had two children together. “Clarkson and Blackstock were declared legally single” in August 2021, according to Us Weekly, though the outlet also reported in September 2021 that court documents showed “their ‘marital or domestic partnership status’ will end on January 7, 2022.”

Many people thought Clarkson and her ex-husband’s battle over the Montana ranch was settled in March 2022, when the courts ordered that Blackstock must vacate the property by June 1, 2022, court records show. But Blackstock battled up to the last minute about whether he would have to leave the ranch. He did leave the property in June, OK! Magzine reports.

The Montana Ranch Has Gone From Haven to Battlefield

Kelly Clarkson Gives Special Home Tour Of Her Montana Ranch | Digital ExclusiveKelly Clarkson and her family are spending time on their ranch in Montana amid the nationwide mandate to social distance right now. Kelly takes fans on a special tour of her and husband Brandon’s ranch and explains why it is such a special place for their family and why she’s especially grateful to have a…2020-03-31T22:00:12Z

The settlement indicated that Clarkson would maintain ownership of 94.88% of the ranch, leaving Blackstock with 5.12%, or $908,800 worth, reported OK!. This was all based on Blackstock moving out of the ranch by June 1. However, as the date inched closer, the music manager decided he still had a little bit of fight left in him.

Court records show that Blackstock took Clarkson back to court in March 2022 to ask her to shut down the 13 security cameras at their Montana ranch property while he was still living there. According to the court documents, obtained by Heavy and viewable here, Clarkson was ordered by a judge to “turn off all web-cams, trail cams and any other security cameras.” Clarkson’s attorneys were ordered to verify that the cameras were shut off with the court and Blackstock’s lawyers.

(The “Breakaway” singer also filed court documents in February to change her last name from Blackstock to Brianne, her middle name, Us Weekly reported at the time, though she still uses Clarkson professionally.)

Sources told the Blast, “It’s simply about privacy, and Brandon wants to live his own life without Kelly being able to view his private life.” The outlet reported that all the cameras were “pointed at the exterior of the home.”

Nonetheless, Clarkson must have opposed turning the cameras off or the matter would never have gone to court. Clarkson has not issued a statement about why she was willing to fight so hard to keep the cameras on, but the Blast speculates that it was just part of being in a contentious divorce process.

The Cost of Divorce Runs High

It was a small victory for Blackstock that pales in comparison to the financial settlement he has received. According to court documents viewed by Heavy, Clarkson agreed to pay Blackstock $115,000 per month in spousal support starting in February 2022. She will make the payments on the first of each month up until January 31, 2024. If Blackstock gets remarried before then, the spousal support will be stopped, court records show. She also gave him $1.3 million in a one-time payment, records show.

The battle over the spousal support could continue, however. The court filing notes, “The amount of spousal support shall be modifiable downwards only based on a change of circumstances, which would include but is not limited to the results of the pending civil proceedings against Starstuck Entertainment, Petitioner and Respondent.”

Clarkson will have primary custody of the couple’s two children, 8-year-old River and 6-year-old Remington, but she will be paying child support to Blackstock in an amount of $45,601 per month until they turn 18, court records show. She will also be paying for the 70% of kids’ private school tuition and expenses, including uniforms, fees, field trips, tutors and other educational expenses, according to the court documents viewed by Heavy. Blackstock will be chipping in 30% of those educational costs, the court records show. They will evenly split costs for extracurricular activities and camps.

Blackstock has claimed he needs the spousal support to find a new place to live. According to World News Era, “After he finds another home, the Texas native will have 10 days to move his personal belongings and anything related to his business off the Montana property. From then on, he’ll need permission to visit the ranch.”

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Carla Argabrite
Carla Argabrite
1 month ago

He wants the camera’s off now, because he doesn’t want Kelly to see what he is stealing from the house. She won’t have any proof, since the camera is going to be off. He is a despicable man. I feel bad for Kelly, and the children. Bet he is going to be one of those bitter men, who talk bad about his ex to the kids. The kids should never hear a bad word about either parent, unless they are a danger to the children!!

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