WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Team Blake Knockout Rounds SNEAK PEEK!

Blake Shelton

NBC Blake Shelton on "The Voice."

Battle rounds are over on “The Voice” and the knockouts begin Monday, October 25.

A sneak peek of the first Team Blake knockout round has been released. Blake Shelton paired Hailey Green and Libianca against each other. 15-year-old Hailey impressed the coaches with her low range during her performance of “God’s Country” by Shelton himself. “Okay, Hailey,” John Legend said, giving her a standing ovation.

Next up, Libianca took the stage to sing “everything i wanted” by Billie Eilish.

Watch Hailey and Libianca’s stunning performances below:

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What Did the Coaches Say About the Performances?

Ariana Grande told Hailey, “that was brave to sing the one and only Blake Shelton’s song in front of him.” Rocking an outfit that looked fit for a mermaid, Grande said she would pick Libianca to progress if it were up to her.

John Legend complimented Hailey on her “powerful” voice and said she “filled up this room with energy.” However, he preferred Libianca’s performance, calling it “a masterclass in vocals.”  Legend also complimented Libianca’s outfit, which Shelton joked was a product of his coaching. Kelly Clarkson showed her disbelief by calling Shelton “the denim king.”

Clarkson called Hailey “a baby Janis Joplin” and said she “hadn’t heard a female in that lane since Gretchen Wilson,” the singer of the country hit “Redneck Woman.” She leaned towards Hailey because she thinks she has a unique niche this season.

Who Will Blake Choose?

Shelton has believed in Hailey ever since he was the only person to turn around for her blind audition. Hailey also auditioned for “The Voice” last year, and Shelton told her she was about a year away from being ready for the show.

After Hailey’s performance of his song “God’s Country,” Shelton said that he has personally “lost years off his life” getting through singing the song properly and was therefore impressed by her rendition.  He also joked that he momentarily thought she’d visited “Adam Levine’s tattoo artist” because of the sheer pattern top she was wearing.

Shelton said that Libianca was “having a hard time even getting through the song in rehearsals.” It’s not clear why Libianca was having a hard time, but Shelton complimented her for pulling it together for the performance.

The winner of the knockout will be revealed on Monday, October 25 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC. If we had to make a prediction, we’d say Hailey Green.

The Rules of the Knockouts

How exactly do the knockout rounds work? Two contestants from the same team perform back-to-back. They get to pick their own song and sing alone, unlike in the battle rounds. After the performance, their coach decides which one of them advances to the live shows and which one of them goes home. Contestants don’t find out who they’re competing against until minutes before the performance.

New episodes of “The Voice” air Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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