‘The Voice’ Live Knockout Round Night 3 Recap: Eliminations & Winners

Ariana Grande The Voice

NBC Ariana Grande during Knockout Rounds on "The Voice."

Tonight on “The Voice,” it’s the final night of Knockouts. That means that after tonight’s show, the season 21 live show teams will be set.

Tomorrow night’s episode (Tuesday, November 2) will recap this season so far, showing the remaining contestants’ journeys from the blind auditions to now. Tonight, coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton will make some final tough decisions about who stays on their teams and who goes home. Live episodes begin on Monday, November 11.

Who will win tonight’s Knockout Rounds? And whose journey on “The Voice” will come to an end? This post will be updated as the episode airs.

SPOILER WARNING: This post will contain spoilers for the Monday, November 1, 2021 episode of “The Voice.”

The First Knockout

First up tonight are Shadale and Samara Brown from Team Legend. Samara has chosen to perform “The Best” by Tina Turner. Legend and Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran point out “minor control issues” during her coaching session.

Shadale has chosen “Impossible” by Shontelle. Legend told Shadale he thought she should slow the tempo down so it didn’t feel as rushed.

Samara took the stage first, followed by Shadale. Shadale got choked up at the end of her performance. She said when she sings the song, she thinks of her struggles with being homeless as a young girl.

Kelly Clarkson told Samara that she was “missing that rasp that Tina (Turner) is known for” in her performance. She also got choked up talking to Shadale and commended her for connecting to the emotion of the song but still delivering an amazing performance.

Legend told Samara that she gave a “flawless performance” and said she improved upon the only notes he and Sheeran gave her during coaching. Despite declaring Samara one of the best vocalists on the show, he picked Shadale as the winner of the Knockout.

Knockout #2

Next up are Lana Scott and Carson Peters from Team Blake. Carson’s song selection is “Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait. He’s going to play the fiddle during the performance.

Lana chose “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift, stating that she’s newly single and therefore connected to the song. She performed first, putting a slight country twist on the pop ballad.

Ariana Grande said she would save Carson if it were up to her but Clarkson and Legend both preferred Lana’s performance. Blake Shelton declared Lana the winner.
“Carson vs. Lana is a heartbreaker for me,” he said in his taped interview but added that he thinks Lana has a clearer path to victory.

Knockout #3

Next up are Bella DeNapoli and Katherine Ann Mohler from Team Ariana. The two contestants have formed a friendship and entered the coaching session arm in arm, excited to see Ed Sheeran in the room.

Bella is performing “Chandelier” by Sia. Sheeran complimented her on the arrangement and Grande said it sounded like an arrangement he would do. Katherine Ann chose “Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe.

Legend gave Katherine Ann props for doing such a different version of “Poison” but said he wasn’t sure the risk paid off. He said he would side with Bella if it were up to him but Clarkson preferred Katherine Ann. Shelton said it was the most equal knockout of the season and joked that it’s clear that Bella and Katherine Ann will be spending Thanksgiving together this year (Grande asked if they could please have the holiday at her house).

Grande declared Bella the winner of the knockout.

Knockout #4

Next up are Jeremy Rosado and Xavier Cornell of Team Kelly. Jeremy picked “Run to You” by Whitney Houston, a song he says reminds him of his daughter who has been running into his arms since she was little. Sheeran gave Jeremy’s mom Wendy a shoutout and told him to trust himself more on his falsetto notes.

Xavier chose “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Clarkson told Xavier to remember that songs are conversations and to not jump emotionally from a 1 to a 10 during the song but to hit all those emotional places in between.

Shelton complimented Xavier on his “really cool tone” and said his voice would stand out on the radio. Grande said Jeremy’s belt gives her goosebumps and complimented him for doing a Whitney Houston song justice.

This was a very hard decision for Clarkson. She loved both performances and had to base her choice on “the scope of what you’ve shown me so far.” She picked Jeremy.

Knockout #5

Next up is Beritt Hynes performing “I Swear” by All-4-One and Peedy Chavis performing “Unchain My Heart” by Ray Charles, both of team Blake.

“Peedy is an absolutely incredible entertainer,” said Blake. He told Berritt that he seemed nervous during the performance and declared Peedy the winner of the knockout.

Knockout #6

From Team Ariana, it’s Manny Keith performing “Golden” by Harry Styles and Jim and Sasha Allen performing “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Ed Sheeran told Manny that he had the best stage presence he’d seen on the show this season. 

Sasha Allen told Sheeran that he’s one of his top two songwriting influences. Grande joked that she was “a little offended” that her song “Side to Side” hadn’t made her one of Sasha’s favorite songwriters.

Shelton said he had never heard Jim and Sasha’s song choice before to which Clarkson responded incredulously, “What?! I am totally shaming you right here on television.”

Grande picked Jim and Sasha Allen as the winners of the knockout.

Knockout #7

Last but not least, it’s Jershika Maple and Paris Winningham of Team Legend. Jershika chose to perform “Inseparable” by Natalie Cole and Sheeran said he had “no notes” for her and called her his favorite.

Paris picked “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. The coaches were all visibly moved by his performance. “I can’t actually sit down cause it’s disrespectful,” Clarkson said after both performances, stating that Legend was “screwed” because he had to pick between Jershika and Paris.

Grande and Clarkson both said they were sad to not have a steal left. Legend declared Jershika the winner of the knockout but Shelton used his only steal on Paris.

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