WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Contestant Picks Coach Based on a Sign from God

Libianca the voice

NBC Libianca performs "Good Days" by SZA on "The Voice."

During blind auditions on “The Voice,” the coaches make pitches to contestants trying to convince them to join their team.

It’s common for the coaches to playfully diss each other in the process and leverage their own unique strengths as an artist. But it’s not every day that a contestant chooses their coach based on a heavenly sign.

Before 20-year-old Libianca revealed who she wanted as her coach, she said, “somebody said something that gave me a sign. Cause I asked God to give me a sign and somebody said something that gave me that sign.”

Libianca, who lived most of her life in the West African country of Cameroon, impressed the judges with her control and strong lower register in her performance of “Good Days” by SZA. Both Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton turned around for her. John Legend and Kelly Clarkson both said it was Libianca’s song choice that kept them from turning.

“I think I didn’t know the song, the melody of it,” said Clarkson, who called Libanca’s lower register runs “so warm.” Legend added, “I think the song kind of made it tough for us to hear your voice…that song particularly didn’t give us a chance to hear every aspect of your voice.”

Watch Libianca’s impressive performance below.

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Grande Got Flustered Talking to Libianca

Although she may be a superstar, Grande clearly still gets nervous talking to talented people. She gushed over Libianca to the point where she had no words left.

“I’m freaking out, I really hope you pick me. You’re so good, you’re so beautiful, I’m obsessed, you sound divine, you look amazing. Um, and yeah okay so, anyway,” Grande said. She continued rambling for a few more seconds before passing it off to Shelton by saying, “okay. Blake?”

Clarkson cracked up at Grande’s nervous rant. “Oh my god that was amazing,” she said laughing.

Libianca Asked Shelton Why He’s the Right Coach for Her

Shelton took a different approach than Grande and tried out confident certainty. “I am obviously the coach for you.,” he said. Libianca looked at him skeptically and asked “why?” which made the other coaches crack up. “Let me think about that,” Shelton said.

Shelton then found the words to explain what he loved about Libianca’s performance and why he wants to work with her.

“Living down there in that lower register for as long as you did, you know it’d be one thing to kind of touch on it here and there, but you were wallowing in it down there and you had so much control and there was so much volume. That’s what really shocked me about your voice,” Shelton said. He also reminded Libianca that despite being “the country guy,” he’s helped artists of all genres on the show.

That’s when Libianca revealed that either Grande or Shelton had said something that gave her the sign from God she had asked for.

“So Blake, I’m gonna go with you,” she said. Clarkson and Grande both looked shocked.

New episodes of “The Voice” air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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