This Voice Coach Is the Reason This American Idol Judge Joined the Show

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Blake Shelton is an influential figure to all his fans, but who knew he was such a source of encouragement to Luke Bryan?

During a recent appearance on Bryan’s Apple Music show, Party Barn Radio, Bryan shared, “Nothing is more fun than being in the room when a star is born. I mean, you got to go through hundreds of people to find that star… It’s just like when Gabby Barrett walked into American Idol, she didn’t win American Idol, but even I just said, there was just something magical about that… I know you’ve seen that stuff too, and that’s what brings you back.”

He continued by describing American Idol as an “amazing ride” before telling Blake, “You said, ‘Do it.’ I said, ‘Heck yeah, I’m going to do it.’ Man, it was like you told me. It certainly opens your eyes, opens your world up to stuff you never can imagine,” Bryan said. “Thank you for that.”

Clearly, Blake was influential in Bryan joining the panel of judges on Idol, and what an experience he’s had so far.

Bryan concluded, “… telling the stories of the kids and me sitting up there, I remember when I took the role of Idol, I’m like, ‘Man, there, ain’t no way I’m going to be boohooing and crying and emotional,’ but it is emotional and it is amazing to watch kids put their life on the line.”

Shelton’s Goal to Lose Weight

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton


While Blake has made his love for The Voice clear, it seems the show may not be the most important thing on his mind these days. The country singer recently explained that he hopes to lose ten to twenty pounds before getting married to Gwen Stefani.

He told Bryan on the radio show, “I feel like if I say 10, I have to do it. So, 10. It’s out there now, I can’t let people down. I’ve readjusted all the mirrors in the house. So they look like you when you’re taking a selfie from up above because you can’t even stand and look at myself in the mirror.”

Shelton joked, “I’ve rearranged them or they’re kind of angled down, looking down at me… So I’m looking up and it’s not so bad.”

Stefani and Shelton became engaged on October 27. The two first got together in November 2015. The plan is for them to get married in a chapel that Blake had built on the grounds of his Oklahoma ranch.

“It’s really a tribute to their love,” a source told US Weekly. “They are going to get married in the chapel.”

Gwen Stefani Shares the Magical Story Behind Blake Shelton's ProposalGwen Stefani dishes on the magical story behind Blake Shelton's proposal to her and on revisiting some of her most iconic looks in the music video for her new song "Let Me Reintroduce Myself." The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Stream now on Peacock: Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:…2021-01-06T05:16:02Z

Speaking to Billboard in 2016, Shelton said, “Gwen saved my life. Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician? You can’t even imagine the similarities in our divorces.”

And those feelings have been reciprocated by Gwen. Shelton, in fact, asked Gwen’s sons for permission before he proposed.

A source close to Stefani told People, “Blake told her boys that he wanted to propose and asked their permission. Her family very much approves of him. He’s an amazing partner and a great extra dad to the boys. Gwen is ecstatic. The proposal was a surprise.”

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