Former ‘The Voice’ Coach Claims Their Dog Was Electrocuted on Set

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Miley Cyrus was a judge on NBC’s The Voice on season 11 and season 13, which aired in 2016 and 2017. While there, she recently revealed that her dog was electrocuted on set after chewing on some wires.

During a recent interview with Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning ShowCyrus talked about one of her dogs getting into trouble and having an accident on the set of The Voice. 

Cyrus talked about her love for animals, including her love for her “hyperintelligent” blowfish Pablo, who she says her mom has switched out after its death for a new fish hoping that Cyrus would never notice. The interview then moved on to talk about embarrassing things that animals do.

Cyrus Said Her Dog Got Electrocuted on the Set of ‘TheVoice’

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When asked what the most embarrassing thing her dog has done was, Cyrus originally said she wouldn’t say but eventually did tell a story of the time her dog got electrocuted on set.

“My other dog, the first day of The Voice, I’m like so excited,” she started. “This is sad, but it was handled and my dog is totally thriving and fine.”

She went on to talk about how there are wires everywhere on set and she’d brought her dog to the first day.

“Everyone’s huddled around like ‘who’s gonna win The Voice, whatever, and my dog goes and, like, bites onto the wires of the TV that everyone’s watching and all of a sudden we notice that she’s convulsing and getting electrocuted,” Cyrus said.

She said that the dog, named Little Dog, is totally fine now and thriving in Nashville.

Cyrus Said She Couldn’t Talk About the Most Embarrassing Thing Her Dog Has Done

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Later on in the interview, Cyrus added that that’s not really the most embarrassing thing her dogs have ever done, as that happened on Halloween in 2012 that resulted in Cyrus having to send an apology gift that consisted of a vinyl record player.

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to air anything that I am about to tell you,” she warned the host. “My dog is a freak. Mary Jane is a freak a leek.”

She said that on Halloween 2012, her dog was caught “licking something” that she shouldn’t have been licking.

“My dog did something very wrong,” Cyrus added. “I had to send an apology gift!”

She said the gift was a vinyl record player.

Cyrus is an animal lover and has a number of pets including seven dogs, two horses, two mini horses, three cats, a blowfish and a pig. Many of her pets live at her home in Nashville.

Her newest pet is her puppy Bo, who she got in March alongside her then-boyfriend Cody Simpson. The two broke up in August after just 10 months of dating. The photos of the dog shared by Simpson on Instagram have since been deleted.

According to People, Bo was adopted from The Wagmor Luxury Spa, Hotel & Rescue in Studio City, California. She named the dog for her dad who was nicknamed Bo in high school.

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