‘I Have No Words’: Parijita Bastola Thanks Fans For ‘Astronomical’ Support

Parijita Bastola on "The Voice"

The Voice / YouTube Parijita Bastola on "The Voice"

The first Live Shows of “The Voice” season 22 begin this Monday, November 14, and the contestants have taken to Instagram to make sure fans know when to watch, and more importantly when to vote them through to the next round. Now that Knockouts are over, the decision-making in the competition shifts from the coaches to the viewers.

Like her fellow contestants, Team Legend’s Parijita Bastola has also used this time to thank fans for all their support over the prior rounds of the competition. Bastola shared that she’s been receiving support from both near and far and that a family friend of hers even took a poster wishing her luck to one of the tallest mountains in the world.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Parijita Bastola is Receiving Support All the Way in Nepal

Parijita Bastola is the first Nepalese-American to make it to the Blind Auditions in “The Voice” history, and her family has been watching since episode one, so the show is very important to them.

Bastola shared a series of photos and videos on her Instagram this week to send thanks for all the support she has been receiving throughout the competition, writing, “I have no words. The local and international love and support I am receiving is astronomical. First video is my family friend @sargam977 who took a poster of me to the base camp of Annapurna (the 10th highest mountain in the world) located in Nepal! SO SO SO COOL!!!!!!”

The video referenced shows Bastola’s family and friends wishing her luck in front of the scenic Annapurna mountain range, which is west of Mount Everest, closer to the center of Nepal on a map.

Besides the poster and mountain view, Bastola also shared a letter that her neighbors wrote her (which brought her to tears), telling her she is on the “edge of stardom.”

“Your journey is just at the beginning and you have so much in front of you,” the letter reads, “Be present. Enjoy it.”

Parijita Bastola Received a Special A Capella Shout Out

Parijita Bastola is only 17 years old and hails from Severna Park, Maryland, which is close to both Baltimore and Washington D.C. In addition to her neighbors’ letter, Bastola also received a special video from her friends from school when her a capella group sent her a special message, which Bastola shared on Instagram.

“Parijita likes to sing, so I joined chorus,” Bastola’s friend says to open the video. The camera then turns to her high school a capella group sitting in a stairwell singing a simple message in four-part harmony: “Vote for Parijita.”

“I love my acapella family😭😭😭 severna park’s best singers. Truly,” Bastola captioned the video. She also included a message reminding fans that they can vote for her during Monday’s live show through NBC’s “The Voice” App or online at https://voice.vote.nbc.com/. Voting will open for a five-minute window during the live shows, so fans will have to be ready to get their votes in quickly.

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