Watch: Blake Shelton Uses Gwen Stefani to Convince Reggae Artist to Join His Team

Pia Renee The Voice

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The coaches on NBC’s The Voice have been upping their game when it comes to fighting over contestants, and the trend continued following contestant Pia Renee’s blind audition.

For her blind audition, Renee performed Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster (Jammin’),” and it seemed for most of the song that none of the coaches were going to end up turning around for her. By the end of the song, however, she had two chairs turned: Blake Shelton and John Legend.

Knowing that she was a fan of soul music, Legend used that to his advantage in the ensuing fight to get her to join his team.

Legend & Shelton Fought Over Renee

Pia Renee Gets Soulful on Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster (Jammin')" – Voice Blind Auditions 2021Pia Renee performs "Master Blaster (Jammin')" during The Voice Blind Auditions. » Get The Voice Official App: » Subscribe for More: » Watch The Voice Mondays & Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC! » Stream Now: THE VOICE ON SOCIAL: Like The Voice: Follow The Voice: Follow The Voice on Instagram:…2021-03-09T02:35:59Z

Both Legend and Shelton wanted Renee on their team. For Team Blake, she would be one of the only singers that isn’t a country singer, and for Team Legend, she would fit in nicely with his roots and the other singers on the team.

Shelton was actually the first coach to turn around, and he thought he had it in the bag because the song was almost over. Legend turned at the very last second.

“What the hell’s the matter with you?” Shelton asked him, getting out of his chair and heading over to Legend. “Dang it!”

Kelly Clarkson thought it was hilarious, and she asked Shelton how sad he was that Legend turned around.

“I feel like I’m getting one last look at her,” he replied. He then told the singer that he couldn’t figure out what she was singing but turned because he enjoyed it.

“I’m a country singer, and I couldn’t even think rhythmically,” Shelton shared. “I can’t even say the word rhythmically.”

Shelton Used Gwen Stefani as a Tool to Win Over Renee

Each of the coaches put their input in, saying that Shelton doesn’t know anything about her genre of music.

“That was phenomenal,” Nick Jonas added. “When Blake turned his chair around, I got really excited because I like the idea of this kind of unexpected coaching-artist duo. I think that you’re gonna be a force.”

Renee told the coaches that she loves R&B and soul music, but reggae music is what she loves the most.

“America needs to hear someone like you,” Legend told the contestant. “With so much energy, so much soul. We’re all fortunate that you graced us with your presence, so it would be an honor for me to work with you.”

Kelly Clarkson said that she felt out of her league while Renee was singing, and Legend said that Shelton doesn’t know reggae music.

“To say that I don’t know anything about the music she’s performing would kind of disqualify the fact that, who knows, even by the time this airs, Gwen Stefani, she could even be my wife by then,” Shelton said. “She’s delivering twins right now! She’s pushing them out while I’m here working.”

He added, “I’m talking about Gwen Stefani and her stamp on reggae, ska, music, and how much I’ve grown to love it.”

Legend hit back by saying it would be great if Stefani was there to coach Renee.

At the end of it all, Renee chose to go with Team Legend and didn’t really give Team Blake much thought.

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