‘The Voice’ Star Announces Pregnancy in Colorful Photo Shoot

Getty "The Voice" star RaeLynn announced she is having a baby girl.

RaeLynn made it all the way to the quarter-finals on season two of “The Voice” at 17. Now, the “God Made Girls” singer announced she’s expecting her first child.

RaeLynn, who turned 27 on May 4, 2021, announced exclusively to PEOPLE on her birthday that she and her husband, Josh Davis, are expecting a baby girl in September. The country singer found out she was pregnant in January.

Why keep it a secret for so long?


“Every year is special in its own way, but what’s going to make my 27th year on this earth so special is that I get to be a momma to a beautiful baby girl,” RaeLynn told the mag. “So that’s why I wanted to wait because it’s the best birthday present!”

RaeLynn Was Wrong About the Baby’s Gender

RaeLynn, whose birth name is Racheal Lynn Woodward (per Healthline), may have lost “The Voice” in 2012, but it was far from the end of the road for her musically.

“I went straight back to Nashville, started writing Monday through Friday, then got my butt in a van,” the country singer told ET in 2017. “I went to every country radio station in the U.S., got ready in gas stations, lived off Starbucks and Chick-fil-A — that’s how it was. You have to do that groundwork.”

She released her hit single “God Made Girls” in 2014, and seven years later, she told PEOPLE that should’ve been a sign for what was to come.

“I should have known with my debut song ‘God Made Girls’ that God would give me a girl first!” RaeLynn told the mag, adding, “I for sure thought I was having a boy — I don’t know why; I just did. Josh’s gut feeling the whole time was a girl, so he was right for sure. I didn’t care either way, though.”

RaeLynn Worried About This When She Learned She Was Pregnant

RaeLynn, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child, worried that her condition might affect the pregnancy.

“The main worry I had was managing my diabetes while carrying a baby,” she told PEOPLE. However, she didn’t have too much to worry about. “I’ve been so fortunate to have an amazing care team that has me on the best regimen. My diabetes and A1C has never been better than it is now.”

It hasn’t been easy for RaeLynn to manage her diabetes, especially while out on the road touring. She told Healthline in 2018 that her health routine was her saving grace. “First, I always check my sugar every morning, and I make sure to exercise because it makes me feel better,” she added.

RaeLynn Remembers Thinking “Hallelujah” When She First Met Her Hubby

RaeLynn met Davis at church back in 2012. The country singer told PEOPLE in 2020 that the last thing on her mind during that particular service was Jesus. “I was praying, like, ‘Who is that hottie over there? Hallelujah!'” RaeLynn said about seeing Davis for the first time.

After that first meeting, RaeLynn took the initiative and contacted Davis via direct message. It wasn’t long before they reconnected at a friend’s wedding, and started dating. Eventually, they tied the knot in 2016 among family and friends, including RaeLynn’s “The Voice” coach, Blake Shelton.

Following their wedding, Davis, who was previously a financial advisor, joined the Army. While the time apart was difficult, RaeLynn told PEOPLE that made their relationship even stronger. “When he was gone for basic training, I was writing him letters every day,” she said, adding, “After that 14 weeks [apart], when we saw each other, we cried and we both were like, ‘We can now get through anything.'”

“The Voice” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m Eastern and Pacific on NBC.

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