These Major Music Stars Were Rejected by ‘The Voice’

Luke Combs The Voice

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NBC’s hit singing reality show “The Voice” has yet to produce a major superstar, but the coaches and producers have rejected some major stars in the past decade since the show’s premiere.

It’s no secret that singing competition shows reject huge numbers of contestants each season, as they can’t accommodate everyone. On “The Voice” in particular, not every person who auditions even gets up in front of the coaches.

Each contestant first auditions for producers to get onto “The Voice” Blind Audition stage or into the “American Idol” audition room with the judges.

Read on to learn about some of the stars who have been rejected by “The Voice” producers over the years.

Maren Morris Was Rejected by ‘The Voice’

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While appearing on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Maren Morris talked about how she was rejected from more than one singing competition including “The Voice.”

“How crazy is it that you were rejected by both ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Voice,’ but both shows have contestants covering your songs?” a caller on the show asked.

Maren told Cohen that she was also rejected from ‘American Idol.’

She also told Rolling Stone Country that she was happy she didn’t make it not the show while some people use her songs now.

“I think about all of the freaking talent shows I’ve tried out for in my life and I’m so glad I didn’t make any of them,” she said. “It’s full circle, because I was rejected from ‘The Voice.’ I was rejected from ‘American Idol’ – and I’m happier for it now.”

Morris shared that because her songs have been on shows for auditions plenty of times, she feels good about the checks she receives when they do use her songs.

“People cover my songs for their auditions on those shows, so it’s like, not only is it really nice to have my song on a national television show – but [also] get to collect the check and have some sweet revenge.”

‘The Voice’ Turned Down Luke Combs

Luke Combs is a huge artist in the country music world, and he has appeared to perform on “The Voice” over the years, but he was previously rejected from the show.

According to an interview with Whiskey Riff, Combs made it through a few rounds before being cut prior to Blind Auditions.

Years ago, “The Voice” producers turned down Luke Combs back when he was attending college. One year, during spring break, he showed up and auditioned when the show was in Atlanta, Georgia, and he was ultimately turned down before getting to the coaches.

“They had four audition cities and narrowed it from about 10,000 to 200 people,” he said. “Then you don’t know if you made it to the show for a few months.”

He made it through all the rounds and then had to wait to see if he would make it to the portion of the show that airs on TV.

“I made it through those rounds with the producers, but I got a letter saying I wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough for the show’s ratings so I didn’t get to the show,” he shared. “But it gave me a lot of confidence because I was good enough voice-wise to make it through all those producer auditions.”

Blake Shelton recently opened up about how he felt when he learned that Combs had been rejected from the show early on, according to Outsider.

“Luke told me that he kept his rejection letter, his letter telling him he wasn’t going to be on the show,” Shelton shared. “He said he put that in his dorm room in college and he hung it on the wall to push him on, something to fight for.”

Shelton said that Combs should take the letter if he still has it, “frame it, and put it next to his first triple-platinum letter that he has.”

Kane Brown also dreamed of auditioning for “The Voice,” he revealed, according to Yahoo Entertainment, but he instead spent time on “The X Factor” and auditioned for “American Idol.”

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