Some Fans Are ‘Done’ With ‘The Voice’ Following Season 21

John Legend

NBC "The Voice" coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton.

Some fans of NBC’s singing competition “The Voice” are vowing to boycott the show following the season 21 finale.

One person took to Reddit to express their disappointment with season 21 of the show and the winner.

“I am home tired of POC women not getting the reconciliation they deserve,” the post reads. “How is it season 754 & no one has won. I see these girls leaving it all on the stage & out sing the coffee shop singers. Yet they don’t win. Like am I missing something?”

The post garnered more than 60 comments, some from people who agreed with the post, and others from those who disagreed and said that it was all a matter of taste.

Some Fans Pointed out That the Show Is Based on Popularity

Some fans took the time to say that, since people vote to determine the winner, it is inherently based on popularity.

“This season it was very clear that Wendy had the best voice, probably the best contestant voice on the show ever. She amazed me…probably most of us,” one person wrote in response to the original post. “That being said, it felt like she had a serious problem emotionally connecting with the audience. Yes, being a female POC might have hurt her with the show’s demographics. I think it is crazy that she didn’t win.”

Another agreed, saying, “I mean I think Wendy has amazing talent but she didn’t draw me in as an entertainer, so I think people just sometimes have preferences for the winner as an all around entertainer they’d most like to see perform … . Same reason why a Gospel singer or classic country singer isn’t my preference.”

Others in the thread pointed out that the demographic of the show may skew older, which could be one reason why voters vote the way they do.

Some said they were not going to watch anymore.

“I need to just stop watching after the first live round. POC sometimes win, but the number of less talented white folks, especially teens, who win is just awful to watch,” one person wrote.

Another said that they have been heartbroken “almost every season” they’ve watched the show.

“Not sure how much longer I can continue watching,” the comment stated. “So saddened by how blatant it is.”

Some Fans Want Pop Singers to Make the Finale More Often

In a separate thread, fans lamented that pop singers generally don’t make it through to the finale of “The Voice.”

“POP SINGERS BARELY MAKE IT TO THE FINALE ANYMORE,” the title of the post reads.

One person replied with a possible explanation as to why that is the case.

“Gotta make it to the blinds to make it to the finale… The show loves 1970s music, maybe because they can get the rights for cheap. Not sure. I assumed Ariana [Grande] would be the pop genre coach, but she only got 2 or 3 who could really qualify as such, and they were very weak vocalists,” the reply stated.

Another person said that the finale “almost always has” big ballad singers, country singers and at least one notably young artist.

“Also voters have been tougher on girls lately, such as Allegra, Hailey, etc.,” one person added.

“The Voice” has not yet been renewed for season 22. If the show is renewed, then it will return in the fall cycle of 2022, likely in mid-September.

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