‘The Voice’ Finalist Covers a Niall Horan Song

Niall Horan


Niall Horan quickly became a popular coach on “The Voice” in his first season, one that saw him lead one of his singers, Gina Miles, to the season 23 win. One of Chance The Rapper’s members, the sister trio of Sorelle, recently shared their cover of one of Horan’s newest hits, “Meltdown.”

Sorelle was the only group to compete in season 23 and was the last representative of Team Chance. The trio finished in fourth place behind Miles, Grace West, and D. Smooth. The Top 5 was rounded out by NOIVAS as the second member of Team Blake to place.

The group posted a video to Instagram that showed them performing a cover of Horan’s “Meltdown,” which first was released by the former One Direction Band on April 28, 2023.

Niall Horan Has Been a Fan of Sorelle & Their ‘Shock Factor’

Sorelle, which is comprised of Madi, Ana, and Bella Heichel, first appeared on “The Voice” in the premiere episode on March 6 where they took on “Good Ole-Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen. They earned two chair turns, one by their eventual coach in Chance and the other being Blake Shelton, who was in his final season on the show.

While Horan didn’t turn around for them, it’s not because he didn’t find them entertaining or talented.

“The reason I didn’t turn personally was because I was trying to think what can I bring to the table,” Horan said after their Blind Audition performance. “I didn’t turn and then regret everything I was thinking for those 90 seconds while you were singing.”

He also praised them in the Knockout Rounds when they went up against Tiana Goss on “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” He referred to them as a “beast” in the competition, “They’re unlike anything we have in the competition, and Chance has got Sorelle in his back pocket, and that could be dangerous.”

Horan said what makes them stand out with each time out on stage was their “shock factor.”

Sorelle Receives Praise from ‘Voice’ Winner on Their Niall Horan Cover

In the comments section of their “Meltdown” cover, Sorelle received a lot of compliments, one of which came from the season 23 winner. Miles wrote, “You guys are so flawless.”

In addition, many of their fans chimed in after seeing their cover. One fan wrote, “I need this cover on Spotify pronto.” Another follower added, “This is an amazing cover! Love this song @niallhoran and @sorellemusic your voices compliment this song phenomenally.”

The Ohio-born sisters also announced that they’ll be dropping more covers on their Instagram.

After “The Voice” finale, Sorelle posted a heartfelt message on Instagram expressing how “grateful” they were for this experience, “We have grown as artists and as people.” They also took the time to individually praise each of the Top 5 contestants as well their coach for “believing in us.”

At the live finale, Sorelle took on Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” while also performing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

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