‘The Voice’ May Return In Spring 2023

The Voice

NBC John Legend, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande on 'The Voice' season 21

“The Voice” is returning for the 2022 season in the fall, but it’s also possible the show is cooking up a spring 2023 season.

Season 21 of “The Voice” wrapped in December 2021, and it has been followed by a hiatus of over 6 months from the show. Usually, the coaches begin filming the spring season while the fall season of the show is still airing, however, in 2021, the show announced that it would only be airing once per year instead of twice, per Deadline.

This marks the first time that the show will be on the one-season-per-year schedule since a decade ago, as, since then, it began airing twice per year.

There could be some good news coming for fans of the show, however. It appears that there could be two seasons in 2023 rather than just one.

‘The Voice’ Appears to Be Casting For Spring 2023

After “American Song Contest,” which was hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg and took over the timeslot previously held by “The Voice,” didn’t pull in nearly as high of ratings as “The Voice” does for the network, it appears that there may be a return to the status quo.

At the time of writing, “American Song Contest” has not been canceled or renewed for a second season, per TVSeriesFinale.

On May 31, 2022, “The Voice” casting announced a new casting call on Instagram.

“VIRTUAL OPEN CALL REGISTRATION OPENS TOMORROW,” the account posted. “Set your reminders and sign up tomorrow for June 8, 9, 21 and 22!”

They added, “We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got!”

They also posted the next day reminding fans to audition for the show.

There’s no telling which coaches could return for a spring 2023 season. The coaches for the fall of 2022 are Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, John Legend and Gwen Stefani as Kelly Clarkson takes her first season off in nearly a decade.

If the show does return in the spring, it’s possible that there could also be a return by Clarkson as well. She has said that she is taking the summer of 2022 off, which is likely why she did not choose to return to the NBC singing competition for the fall 2022 season.

‘The Voice’ Is Asking Contestants To Film Through May

Some evidence does point to “The Voice” returning for at least the spring season of 2023.

“If you are selected as a participant, you must be willing to travel to and reside at one or more undisclosed locations in the United States for several weeks at any time in October 2022 and May 2023 (or as otherwise scheduled by Producer). Economy travel to be paid for by Producer,” the auditions eligibility page reads.

Those dates would account for the filming of a spring season of “The Voice,” leading through live shows and a May finale, which was the schedule the show generally stuck to before switching to just one show a year.

If there is a spring season of “The Voice,” it will begin taping in the fall, likely with a bit of crossover from season 23’s live shows, which will wrap up in late November or early December 2023.

“The Voice” is set to return to NBC in the fall of 2022. The season will feature coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend.

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