Former ‘The Voice’ Advisor Gets Trolled by TV Star

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NBC’s The Voice may have wrapped up season 19, but the celebrities who have spent time on the show are still in the spotlight. Former Mega Mentor and music superstar Taylor Swift was recently trolled on Twitter by The Office actor Rainn Wilson.

Wilson took to Twitter to say he doesn’t know who Taylor Swift is after she used a “thank you” gif of his character from The Office, Dwight Schrute, to react to a review of her new album Evermore.

The actor retweeted with comment, writing “I do not know who this is. Inventor of the Swiffer?” Swift took the joke all in good fun, using a gif of John Krasinski’s character Jim Halpert shaking his head saying “Touché.”

Fans immediately responded to the thread and made jokes about Dwight Schrute having to ask who Justin Bieber was at one point in the long-running mockumentary. In the show, he asks if Bieber is some type of “crime-fighting beaver.”

This isn’t the only time that Swift has expressed her love for The Office or spoken about it on record. Read on to learn more about her history with the show.

Swift Formerly Parodied ‘The Office’

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Following the exchange on Twitter, fans started bringing up the time that Swift parodied the NBC sitcom when she came out with a behind-the-scenes clip of the “Ours” music video.

According to Billboard, in the clip, which is filmed like The Office, employees are sitting around an office and gossiping about Swift’s character in the music video. The character is reportedly lovesick and loves cat videos.

“I can’t remember her real name,” one character said in the clip. “But she uses a lot of company time to do inappropriate things on the internet.”

Swift Recently Binged ‘The Office’

Swift had previously watched The Office, but she told commenters in her YouTube question and answer session prior to the release of her music video for “Willow” that the global pandemic gave her the time to watch the show once again.

She wrote, “Dawson’s Creek and The Office have been my quarantine binge shows. Am I stuck in the past? Yup. Am I sorry? Nope.”

Fans recently believed that Taylor Swift may be releasing a third album after Evermore that she might title Woodvale based on the word “Woodvale” written in white at the top of one of her announcement photos.

She recently spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about the apparent Easter Egg, though, saying that she wanted to see how her codename for Folklore might fit on an album cover and that her team had simply forgotten to remove that word before pushing the photo out.

“Jimmy, I’m so tired,” she told the comedian when he asked if she was putting out another album. “I’ve tired myself out.”

She also opened up about turning 31, saying that she had been looking forward to that birthday ever since she turned 13 since 31 is the inverse of her favorite number. She also shared that the mysterious penname that appeared on some of her songs was actually her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

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