‘The Voice’ 2021: Final Season 21 Teams Going Into Live Shows

The Voice Live Shows

NBC Team Blake on season 21 of "The voice."

The teams have been set for NBC’sThe Voice” season 21 live shows with the exception of just one more contestant who will be voted in by viewers following the last of the Knockout Rounds.

Coaches Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have spent the past 12 episodes building up their teams and then narrowing the pool of contestants down in hopes of having the best contestants going into the live shows and pulling off the win.

Next up, the contestants will be counting on votes from viewers to make it through to each new round of the competition instead of hoping their coaches choose them over their competitors.

Here’s what the teams look like going into “The Voice” season 21 live shows:

Team Ariana

Team Ariana The Voice

NBCTeam Ariana “The Voice”

Ariana Grande has built up quite the team ahead of live shows. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Bella DeNapoli
  • Jim and Sasha Allen
  • Raquel Trinidad
  • Holly Forbes (steal)
  • Ryleigh Plank

Team Blake

Here’s who’s still on Team Blake going into the live shows:

  • Peedy Chavis
  • Lana Scott
  • Paris Winningham (Steal)
  • Wendy Moten
  • LiBianca

Team Legend

Team John Legend

NBCTeam Legend on Season 21 of “The Voice”

Here’s what John Legend’s team looks like going into the live shows:

  • Shadale
  • Jershika Maple
  • Joshua Vacanti
  • Samuel Harness
  • David Vogel (steal)

Team Kelly

Team Kelly Clarkson

NBCTeam Kelly Clarkson “The Voice”

Here’s a look at season 21’s Team Kelly:

  • Jeremy Rosado
  • Katie Rae (Steal)
  • Gymani
  • Girl Named Tom
  • Hailey Mia

‘The Voice’ Comeback Twist

During the last episode of the Knockout Round, which aired on Monday, November 1, 2021, the coaches announced a surprise twist where one contestant would be able to re-join the competition for live shows.

In a twist that feels a lot like the former “Four-Way Knockout,” which would take place between four saved contestants, one from each coach, one person from each team has the opportunity to make their way back onto the show if they can earn enough votes.

Voting was open overnight following the episode, and fans simply had to tweet the first name of the artist they wanted to vote for and use the hashtag #VoiceComeback. Based on the trending topics, it’s possible that the artist winning will be from Team Ariana.

Ariana Grande chose Vaughn Mogel as her comeback artist. Mogel was Grande’s first artist on her team, but he was eliminated during the battle round.

Blake Shelton chose Hailey Green as his comeback contestant. She was the 15-year-old football player that Shelton really liked, especially when she covered one of his songs, but she was eliminated during the Knockout Rounds.

For Kelly Clarkson’s comeback contestant, Clarkson chose Aaron Hines, a 4-chair turn who was ultimately eliminated during the Battle Rounds.

John Legend picked Samara Brown as his comeback contestant. During the Knockout Rounds, he called Samara the best singer on the show, though he chose to go with Shadale as the winner of the round. It’s possible those kind words from Team Legend will get her back in the running.

The winner of the Comeback twist will be announced during the first live show, which will air on Monday, November 8, 2021.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on NBC.

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