‘The Voice’ 2022: How to Use the Instant Save on Season 22 Top 16

Tonight the Instant Save will be used for the first time this season

The Voice / YouTube Tonight the Instant Save will be used for the first time this season

NBC’s “The Voice” season 22 live shows kicked off last night with 16 fabulous solo performances. Tonight, viewers and contestants will get the results of this round’s vote. Voting closed in the early morning, and in tonight’s (November 15) live results show, unfortunately, viewers will have to say goodbye to three contestants.

Only two members of each team will survive the night based on viewer votes alone, however, so the fans will need to tune in tonight for a chance to use the Instant Save and protect their favorite singers from elimination. Only those singers that survive tonight will perform in next Monday’s Top 13 live show.

Here’s everything you need to know about when and where to use tonight’s Instant Save.

How Does the Instant Save Work?

During tonight’s live results show, host Carson Daly will share which eight contestants (two from each team) were automatically voted onto next week’s lineup. After that, each coach will have to choose which one of their remaining two contestants they’d like to save, leaving one contestant from each team still at risk of elimination.

This is where the Instant Save comes into play. The four at-risk singers will each then give one more performance on “The Voice” live stage. For three of them, this will be their final performance in the competition, as after all four have finished, the Instant Save vote will open. Fans will have only five minutes to vote on which of these four competitors they would like to send on to the top 13, and whichever contestant receives the most votes across all voting methods will be safe.

Just what are these voting methods? Read below for how to use the Instant Save.

Where & When Does Voting Open for the Instant Save?

Unlike last night’s vote, “The Voice” Instant Save voting window will only open for five minutes during tonight’s live show, which begins at 8 pm Eastern time, so fans should have their preferred voting method at the ready if they want to make their voice heard. Fans will still be able to vote even if they can’t tune into the episode as it airs.

For fans watching live, the announcement will be made during the show, and they will know when to log into “The Voice” official app or nbc.com/voicevote to cast their vote. For those who can’t watch live, “The Voice” app can send out a notification for when the short voting period opens so nobody misses their chance.

Note that this episode is only truly live at 8 pm in the Eastern time zone, so viewers on the West Coast may have to cast their vote before the episode airs in local time. Be sure to check local listings to ensure what time the episode airs for you.

Full rules on “The Voice” voting process can be found HERE, and this year, “The Voice” is giving fans a special offer on Peacock streaming service to any viewer who casts a vote on either voting platform.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific on NBC and streams the next day on Peacock.

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